Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you find what you are looking for. We are a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), run entirely by volunteers who enjoy the sport and the social environment it generates.

We strive to make our club and sport accessible, inclusive and affordable and cater for archers of all abilities. We are a ‘Big Community’ Club and believe in success through harnessing the power of partnerships and volunteers.

Our aim is simply to help everyone to achieve their full potential! That may be recreational or performance level, it applies to archers, volunteers, coaches and officials and this aim targets both technical and personal development. This aim applies to all our members and to all those we interact with in our community! We aspire to be more than just a sports club!

With the above statements in mind and to have any chance of achieving our aims we have used best practice from many other sports to infuence the way we operate, as a traditional sport many practices of archery clubs and their membership have failed to keep up with modern thinking and as a consequence our sport has failed to capitalize on the opportunities that present themselves.

These approaches have sometimes caused confusion in those that look at the way the club operates, so an important aspect of our website is to maximise transparency in what we do and how we do it.

Few can deny that our progress, results, role in the community and our success of both members and the club in the wider field of sport has been nothing less than impressive. This is down to the hard work we put in and the way we have adapted to today’s challenges.

Through strong, healthy partnerships with Active Gloucestershire, Xperience Archery,  local schools, recreation centres, our members and Archery GB we have created platforms for all parties to mutually benefit which has created a vision of a Professional Club operating in a thriving sport working across all sectors of our community!

If our website does not answer your questions and we can help, please let us know.


As a grant recipient we are pleased to acknowledge the support that the Big Lottery Fund has provided us with by supporting the development of our Inclusion Club and our ‘On target for the Gloucestershire Community‘ Project.



Sport & Recreation Alliance 2011 National Sports Club of the Year Announcement Video Clip

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Holders of all 3 Archery GB ‘Ontarget’ Specialisms! Community, Young People & Performance.

Winners of the 2012/13 Archery GB ‘Ontarget’ Club of the Year Award!


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