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Welcome to Deer Park Archers Website, busy yes but that reflects that fact! 

We are a Sport, Recreation and Social Club with lots of things to share, lots of achievements and a real passion for our sport and our community!

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As a summary of the club we are:

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How can I join and what are the fees?

Thinking about a beginners Course?

Looking to try archery but which club?

Want to have-a-go at archery? Open to the Community to try!

What opportunities are there for volunteers?

Tell us about archery for 6-8 year olds.

What development pathways does the club offer?

Tell us about workshops being run.

What clothing and club merchandise do you do?

Is the club fully inclusive?

How big is the club and what bow types do you have?


How do I book a club event?

Tell us about your Short Mat Bowls Section.

Tell us about your Men-in-Sheds Section.

Tell us more about your field archery.

What does the club do socially? (Updated  March 2020 with planned events).

Who does the Club get involved in the Gloucestershire School Games?

What is the club’s role in the community?

Club Structure

What is our vision and mission?

What is the Club’s basic strategy?

Want to know more about us in detail? Topic Brochures.

Have you formed any partnerships?

What are your policies relating to Safeguarding and Codes of Conduct?

What does our financial structure look like?

Tell me about ClubMark and Ontarget Specialisms

Tell me about your Governance and Management Structure.

Does the club do any fundraising?

Does your Club have a young people programme?

Tell me about your satellite clubs.

What is the club’s policy on supporting performance development?


Where is our outdoor ground located?

 What facilities can we offer?

What resources have we got?

Do you look after the environment?

What Indoor Facilities do we have?


 What has the club achieved in the last 10 years?

 Does the club have a ‘Hall of Fame?’

Is there one video which captures the Club’s DNA and gives an insight into what makes the club?

Want to see what we achieved in 2019 then click here and find out more!

This slide show will give you an idea of life at Deer Park, all photos from 2019

We have been the Sport & Recreation Alliance National Sports Club of the Year and the Archery GB Ontarget Club of the Year twice and in 2018 received an award from Archery GB recognising our club’s outstanding performance and contribution to our sport and the Ontarget Club Development Programme!

As a grant recipient we are pleased to acknowledge the support that the Big Lottery Fund has provided us with.   We would also like to thank the following organizations for their generous support in the development of our ground and the work we do in the community.

2013-clubmark-logo_BEST QUAL