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In August 2017 we achieved this gold standard once again! Great process, great achievement and full confirmation  that we are a very well run club!

News update: Open Community ‘Have-a-go’ Sessions – Saturday afternoons have finished for the outdoor season!

However there is some good news!

Our open community sessions Saturday afternoons have now finished for this year, however following the huge successes of our summer ‘have-a-go’ sessions, we are arranging a number of  sessions at our indoor winter venues, starting in October 2017.


General Information

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More about Deer Park Archers

The power of working together in a well organised manner, cannot be better demonstrated than looking at a summary of our achievements during 2016. Please take a few minutes and join us in feeling proud of what we have achieved for our club, our members and our sport.

Our plans for the future and the completion of the next phase of ground developments will provide a great platform for continued successes in 2017.

Deer Park Archers Limited is based in Shurdington, Gloucestershire and covers the surrounding area. Establish in 1995 it has developed from providing have-a-go archery sessions for Guides and Brownies to an award winning development club for junior and senior archers of all abilities.  The purchase of our own ground in 2014 provides facilities for target, field, clout archery disciplines. We have over 200+ members (45% are juniors), shooting a range of bow styles from the high-tech Compound to the traditional English Longbow.

Our aim is simply to help everyone to achieve their full potential! That may be recreational or performance level, it applies to archers, volunteers, coaches and officials and this aim targets both technical and personal development. This aim applies to all our members and to all those we interact with in our community! We aspire to be more than just a sports club!

We pride ourselves in the quality of our coaching support, work in the community and involvement with our Governing Body. We believe that being a club means just that! It is not just about our sport, it is about the social activities, about learning together, losing and winning together, giving and receiving and being part of a larger community and valuing every member for what they are and what they can be!

Our focus will continue to be on remaining a club (Friends with a common purpose and interest, who meet regularly and take part in a range of shared activities) and NOT just become a great venue where people shoot!

Our willingness to be progressive & creative and our determination not to be constrained by convention will inevitably mean we do not get everything right but when that is the case we learn from it! This is what developing potential is about and for some this may not be what they are looking for so we would advise perspective new members to visit other clubs in the area as well and see what works for them!  Who we are is defined by our history and what we have achieved, however we are looking to the future, today is just our starting point and building for tomorrow begins today!

Club mission
To fully support all members to achieve their full potential & to apply the same principles to all those participating in our sport.

We strive to make our club and sport accessible, inclusive and affordable and cater for archers of all abilities. We are a ‘Big Community’ Club and believe in success through harnessing the power of our community through partnerships and volunteers.

As a grant recipient we are pleased to acknowledge the support that the Big Lottery Fund has provided us with by supporting the development of our Inclusion Club and our ‘On target for the Gloucestershire Community‘ Project.  We would also like to thank the following organizations for their generous support in the development of our ground and the work we do in the community.

2013-clubmark-logo_BEST QUAL

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you find what you are looking for. We are a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), run entirely by volunteers who enjoy the sport and the social environment it generates. We are a not for profit club.

We are Deer Park Archers!