Community (Old)

Many of our members help regularly with a range of community based activities, to increase the profile of our sport, which is very inclusive, to put something back and to attract new members. To increase our footprint we often work (on a voluntary basis) with Xperience Archery, who are also members of the club but who work full time running their own archery business. All services they provide to the club are free of charge!

Current Activities (July 2013)

Gloucestershire Voices learning Disabilities Awareness Week at the Guild Hall 21st August.

11th August Endsleigh Insurance family Day

EDF Anniversary Celebration of the Paralympic Games 6th September

2 weeks of Summer Stars Programmes starting at Cheltenham Recreation Centre from 12th August

Disability Summer Camps started at Paternoster Cirencester on the 25th July and Alderman Knight on the 16th August as part of our Disability Programme.

Innovative programme starting late August ‘Child & Parent’ have-a-goes for parents with younger children using Arrows and the parents using standard equipment in another part of the hall, starting late August at Cheltenham Recreation centre.

 Have-a-go archery sessions at Kings Camps in Cheltenham, Bristol, Cardiff and Bath started last week and running throughout August.

Session with the ‘Magic Bean’ Company for individuals with SEN.

Looked-after Children Event (November 2012)

This voluntary Council led programme took place at GL1 Recreation Centre, 63 children aged 3 to 16. A chance to try the adapted equipment on the younger age groups, thanks to all those from the club that helped! Not an easy programme with new individuals arriving every 45 minutes but very rewarding and the post event feedback was excellent.

A chance to run the ‘Arrows’ kit alongside the standard equipment.


‘Inspire a Generation ‘ day at Cheltenham Recreation Centre. (November 2012)

5 hour ‘have-a-go’ programme again organized by the Council, entirely voluntary, we had an excellent team that supported the event which was moderately attended. The good news was that some of our younger volunteers got to try some of the other Olympic sports on offer, Liza showed us how to trampoline, the 2 James’ and Dan improved their table tennis skills and others tried the golf! The ‘Arrows’ equipment was again very useful to ensure we were able to support the younger visitors trying our sport. Good coverage in the press and on Radio Gloucestershire.


Lots of Junior Coaching Assistant Volunteers!


Over 50’s Beginners Course at GL!

Following the support the club provided for the ‘Vintage’ Games at GL1 earlier in the year, the Recreation Centre decided to run an over 50’s course , the expression of interest forms did not translate into as many attendees as we hoped, however all those that attended session one had a great time, the average age of attendees, just over 70! We agreed that it made more sense to plan for Rio than wait for the 2020 Olympic Games.


Cheltenham Town Football Club – Charity Gold Challenge

We helped the football club to raise funds for the Star Centre by providing an Olympic Experience and then a Safari Experience, great fun with the players, good TV coverage, article in their programme and they will be coming back again for a team building day!


Cheltenham Town – Their shooting was as good off the football field as on it! They were excellent.


Working in the Community – Highlights

Deer Park Archers are an ‘ontarget’ Specialist Community Club!

The Ontarget Community Specialism Feather forms the focal point of our warm up routine at the County Junior Championships!

Possibly due to the roots of the club and our base being located at Girlguiding Gloucestershire’s  Activity Centre we are extremely active in the community.

Whilst not the prime reason for this level of involvement the rewards have been numerous and in forms we did not anticipate!

The high levels of personal satisfaction were anticipated and we have not been disappointed, however the resultant increase in our club membership, cost effective access to school facilities, access to advice and support from our Community Sports Partnership, access to additional funding, training etc have been well beyond our expectations.

Members support many programmes, often in partnership with Xperience Archery, Active Gloucestershire, Gloucester & Cheltenham Recreation Centres, local Councils, help groups, Girlguiding, Scouting, Roundtable and the Local Education Authority.

Because of the high volume of activities we have learnt many new skills and Active Gloucestershire have provided with excellent support through specialist coach support, workshops etc.

As part of their personal development plan, we have succeeded in encouraging many of our juniors to volunteer to support these events.

Recent activities in 2012 include;

  • Running 10 session programme for Adult Learning disabilities from Day Care Centres.
  • 6 weeks programmes at Special Needs Schools.
  • Providing Have-a-go archery at the Vintage Games (over 60’s).
  • Providing all day Archery sessions for pupils who have earned Golden Time (Good behavior points).
  • Running Council led Holiday Programmes.
  • Supporting village fetes and school fundraising events,
  • Church & Youth Club Activities.
  • School Sports days and Activities Weeks.
  • School Games.