Financial Structure

The club has developed an almost unique approach to the way it funds itself.

The financial structure has evolved to support the club’s mission to make the sport affordable to all classes of society and maintain an emphasis on family membership.

Fundamental to the mission is the club objective ‘ To support all members to achieve their full potential,’ this will not be achieved by attending a few practice sessions each month!

When we launched a major ‘fund raising campaign’ in September 2013 we did reduced some of the ‘freebies’ to ensure the club maximises its efforts to develop our new ground. However we have left junior membership fees unchanged but increased the senior membership fees to £12. Functions such as the Annual Awards have in the short term become ‘fee paying’ rather than losing money.

We have also conducted a ‘one off’ voluntary contribution appeal to all members. No services were offered and the appeal raised over £11,ooo in less than a month! Fund raising events raised over £10,000 in just 3 months!

During 2014 our fundraising activities are continuing both on an individual basis and on team organised events. They are fun to do (not hard work) and have socially bonded Club members, we will need grants to meet our aspirations however one thing is definite, we have put an enormous effort in to helping ourselves!

The facts are best summarized as follows;


  • Annual Membership fees – £18 Junior (Comprising £15 Club & £3 GWAS) or £12 Senior (plus Archery GB fee). Inclusion Club Membership is also £15(but no Archery GB fee). Volunteer Membership(Non Shooting) is £5.
  • A one off ‘New Members fee” of £20 has been implemented. This recognises all the hard work that current members have contributed to the development of our new ground.
  • Beginners Courses, 25% of courses free, 75% of courses £35.  Many of the beginners courses are run on the Club’s behalf by Xperience Archery, these sessions are always also supported by other club coaches/members. As the club meets most days, this allows more of our coaches to support those that have joined the club and ensure their transition from beginner to improver!
  • Target fees on a reducing scale for families, maximum is £3:50 for a single individual paid for attendance at one or more training sessions in a given week (so could be £3:50 for just one attendance or 7 attendances). This is our main source of income and due to high numbers attending weekly practice session income often exceeds £180 a week throughout the year.  Back in  October 2012 due to careful management of the club finances we were able to reduce the target fees still further!
  • Special event income, in house competitions (Target Days), some socials, fundraising, fetes, etc
  • Sponsorship income, usually indirect, through reduced rate of facility hire and ‘in-kind’ benefits to support club activities.
  • Grants such as Satellite, Ontarget, Sport England, Active Gloucestershire, Environmental Trust etc. The Club has  members whose role is to seek out available funding and make applications. All these type of grants are used for improvements to our facilities and what we can deliver, the club manages all of its day to day running costs.


  • Hire of winter indoor facilities. Multiple venues hired each week at an average price of £250 per week.
  • Transportation of equipment to venues £20 max per week. Most of our venues cannot store equipment and with so many sessions that would be impracticable any way).
  • Equipment Maintenance, which has increased significantly as the standard of our archers has improved (Boss wear, target faces, loan equipment, replacement arrows etc).
  • Social events such as BBQ’s, Awards evenings, club competitions which are usually free.
  • Consumables are provided to members FOC (they help themselves), this includes nocks, vanes, piles, wax, glue, arrow rests etc.
  • Free use of member support items such as bow press, arrow cutter, lazer tuning equipment, library etc.
  • This is a ZERO expenditure but certainly worthy of listing. The time of all our committee members, all coaches, ground and equipment maintenance officers etc is all free, not even millage is charged for!

Financial Balance

The club uses its outdoor venues and a local school but pays for those venues by ‘in kind’ work. For example, hedge clearing, grass cutting, fence repairs, hard shelter construction, running of Activity Centre special events for Guides etc, developing satellite clubs, running school clubs etc

This financial approach means that it is essential that the club continually monitors its financial model and we are grateful to a very ‘professional finance sub-committee and treasurer for their efforts! Even with our incredible winter facilities, using partnerships, working with the venue owners and working with the community our indoor season no longer needs a suppliment from our outdoor income!