There is a saying which goes something like ‘once an occurrence, twice a coincidence, three times a trend’ and this provides a good basis for evaluating any claims of good coaching, good performance, good support structures, good value for money, inclusive etc.

Well we constantly evaluate our performance in all these areas and the good news is that we have clear evidence of many trends, not a one off champion or a couple of national squad members or a couple of archers with a physical or learning disability, regular attendance at occasional practice sessions etc we have evidence of sustained performance and this is a result of considerable effort over a good few years and plans to continue to improve the support we provide to all members of the club!

All of this has been achieved purely with unpaid volunteers, engagement of the local community and innovative club management!

As the first of only 5 Ontarget Clubs we strive to not just maintain the defined standards but surpass them by some distance. The level of support we provide to our archers can be measured in many ways, value added, participation, members competing in competition, achievement, number getting into GB programmes, success at county level, national records, number of JMB’s etc etc. It is certainly a combination of these that provide a measure of effectiveness, if we are ticking the boxes, going through the motions but there is no end product then something is not right!

We can tick all the boxes and back the claims up with real evidence, 11 JMB’s, one of the highest level of participants in competition, best performing club by some distance in the British Junior Championships, numerous national records, lots of representatives for GB etc

So in summary we are proud of what we do in regard to the Archery GB Ontarget Performance Specialism so if archers want to develop to their full potential then join Deer Park Archers!


Winter 2014/15 sees a number key activities in support of our Academy Programme


For more details of our 2014/15 Winter Academy Programme Click here.

Fundamental to Performance is competition so we encourage all members to compete!


Winter 2013 sees a number of developments in support of our Academy Programme


The Club has been working with Xperience Archery for many years and we are very grateful for all the work that Steph & Dan do on an entirely voluntary basis for the Club & its members.

As Archery GB Performance Coaches they run, on the Clubs behalf, Beginners Courses, Skills & Drills Workshops, much of the work involved in running our Academy Development Programmes and provide many hours of group and individual coaching, supporting all of the Club’s Coaches to deliver a programme aimed at supporting all members to achieve their full potential.

This is very much a partnership and the Club has many volunteers both coaches and shooting/non shooting members that help at community events, after-school clubs promoting our club and our sport, likewise Xperience Archery regularly help the club on a purely voluntary basis with expertise, transport, equipment. Through the work they do as individuals, both for the Club and Gloucestershire Archery Society they have established numerous great contacts that help at different stages of the development pathway, non more important than the following key providers to our Club Academy Programme:


As a club we have been working with Matt Durber from Excelsior for over 12 months.

We share the same goal which is to improve the athleticism of all our members  to help them achieve their full potential.

Together with Excelsior  we achieve this by working with parents, teachers and coaches as well as the athlete themselves. They also offer individual, team and online coaching support, as well as workshops and coaching courses.

Following the success working with our Club, Excelsior are also working with Gloucestershire Archery Society,  offering a fitness workshop for Archery coaches.

This will include:

Role of fundamental movements in sports performance and well-being

Measuring “Where are they now”, introduction to 5 point screening

Fundamental movement practical

What to do next: How to implement fundamental movements into coaching sessions

As a club we have funded/facilitated excelsior to deliver:

Individualized fitness programmes

Improved all round F & C

Implemented/developed fun Warm Ups & Cool Downs

Also run nutrition workshops for coaches and archers

Worked with coaches to define a strategy to improve technique through s & c for individual archers

Worked with parents to support their children following the programmes design for them

Supporting members on the AGB Talent Pathway to ensure they are following the defined exercise programme but also giving them progression routines to build on what they achieved.


Head for a Win

As part of the clubs drive to help all members reach their full potential it has part funded a number of sessions with a top sports psychologist and during the indoor season there will be a number of psychology sessions run for different target groups in the club, including coaches, adult members, juniors aspiring to reach the top and the top performing junior members.

There will also be sessions with Parents on Managing Expectations and how they can best help juniors.

As well as group sessions with an emphasis on individuals. Members are also booking further private 1-2-1 programmes.

As a Club we have recently started working with Richard who has been the Director of Head for a Win for 5 years and during this time worked with a wide variety of athletes, schools and businesses.

Richard began his career with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology which he later supported with an MSc in Sport & Exercise Psychology. After establishing the consultancy Head for a Win, Richard gained a wealth of experience in a wide range of sport, business and scholarly contexts. Richard is now a British Psychological Society Chartered Psychologist. Other qualifications include being a registered psychometric test user in ability, aptitude and personality tests (British Psychological Society) and a diploma in NLP as well as the ECCOS personality scale. Richard currently is a published lecturer at Hartpury College, Gloucestershire where he delivers psychological support to the elite athletes who attend the college.

He has worked with athletes and squads who have competed on the international stage as well as those who are looking to develop their mental skills from a grass roots level. Whatever the sport, age or capability, Richard aims to tailor a plan to suit you.

As a Club we want to offer members the best affordable support we can, if we cannot do that using in-house resources then we will find an external supplier that can deliver what we require!

December 2012

We were informed by Archery GB that we had been awarded the ‘Performance’ Specialism!

We were the first archery club in the UK to achieve this recognition!

The club has a long history of encouraging individuals to achieve their full potential and supporting their development. The numbers of archers that have won National, Regional and County titles, the volume of National Records broken, archers that have represented GB & England etc, the quality of our coach development activities etc are a clear testimony to this.

Promoting Team Work, Social Awareness & Good Communication Skills is a key part of our Development Centre Process.

However that is not the only measure that we feel should be applied, the work to develop the performance of those of us that do not find archery that easy, is something else that we have developed the skills to do, for those looking in, more difficult to measure but in the bigger picture of participation, just as important!

Probably a presentation at the 2010 Archery GB Development Conference by the now Olympic Technical Coach Kath Fitzpatrick, was the first time that many became aware of our efforts and this was not just at club level but also for the county.[12634].pdf

We deliver the coaching both formally and informally as our coaches provide general support every practice session and all those wanting a specific assigned coach have a named coach allocated. Those relationships are more formal as are the specific events arranged for different bow types or individuals at different stages of development.

Archery GB through ‘ontarget’, have just launched a ‘Performance Specialism (August 2012) and we have just conducted an audit to see if we met all the criteria. We are confident that we do, however the good thing about the programme is that if there is a gap, we can identify it and put in place an Action Plan to bridge the gap. In September 2012 we submitted our application to become a Performance Specilist Club. We await the results.

September 2012 – Following the audit the club has now submitted its application for the Performance Specialism. We have been informed that we were the first club in the country to do so! The details of the criteria to be met demonstrate a very high level of committment by the club to support all those that strive to meet their full potential.

The 2012 Inter-Counties Competition & Regional Championships gave us a good measure of how, as a club, we are doing in the Region and the news was good! As a club we had 11 of the 15 members in the team and our Recurve & Compound archers were more than a match for the other Counties Teams. What is great is that as a Club we could field another whole team, who would be just as competitive, so we have strength in depth and lots more following in their footsteps.

Performance Specialism LOW RES[1]


Some of our very young Gloucestershire Junior County Team 2012


Earlier this year (2012) the club decided to formalize many of its development/performance activities under a single banner. Deer Park Archers now have a ‘Development Centre’, which will be focused on all bow types, no age restrictions and providing extra support for those that meet a set of criteria.