Who we are

We are members of Archery GB & their ‘Ontarget’ Club Development Programme where we are one, of a very small number of clubs that have achieved ‘Community Club’ status!  Nominated by our Governing Body for the Sport & Recreation Alliance Club of the Year for each of the last 4 years, we are focussed on maintaining the momentum!

Club Motto
Positive Attitude leads to Positive Performance.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our coaching support, work in the community and involvement with our Governing Body. We believe that being a club means just that! It is not just about our sport, it is about the social activities, about learning together, losing and winning together, giving and receiving and being part of a larger community and valuing every member for what they are and what they can be!

Club mission
To fully support all members to achieve their full potential & to apply the same principles to all those participating in our sport.

Who we are is also defined by our history and what we have achieved, however we are looking to the future, today is just our starting point and building for tomorrow begins now!