Bambies – Adapted Kit

We organise a range of activities for 6 to 8 year old’s, some of the more physically and mentally mature individuals may already be able to use standard equipment (arrows with points etc) ho3ever everyone in that age group will need to demonstrate they are safe to shoot and pose no physical concerns about potential damage to themselves.

The adapted kit allows individuals to learn the basic skills, range and safety procedures and have great fun in a safe environment.

Not just shooting

In addition to the standard ‘Arrows’ kit, we have added many more challenges and activities and a level of coaching support which ensures a great supportive experience!

Community Session
Community Session

To even better all of the above, thanks to Tesco ‘Bags of Help”we have built our own adapted kit play area.

Our new Adapted Kit play Area funded by Tescos.
Our new Adapted Kit play Area funded by Tescos.

We have also incorporated the Arrows Kit into the Primary School Games Programme.

Arrows Final

We accommodate the adapted kit into the Open Community Have-a-goes, often into fetes. The in club activities varies with number of active members in the Bambies section.

We generally encourage parents to get involved with some of the activities.