Club Practice (Winter)

When time comes to move indoors and we have lots of sessions and locations to support your shooting through the winter period.  In 2019/20 Indoor practice sessions will be held at Balcarras, GL1 Recreation Centre, Kingshill and at the new clubhouse/training centre.

Note: Over the 2 weeks Christmas school holidays we run daily sessions at Balcarras and planning additional sessions at the club training centre. Further information via club newsletters.


Mondays/Fridays – Club Training Centre** for Beginners, Improvers and junior only sessions, as advertised and booking required.

Tuesdays – Deer Park Clubhouse/Training Centre  (BOOKING REQUIRED here)**

Wednesdays  – GL1 Recreation Centre **

Fridays – Kingshill School Sports Centre (Cirencester) ** and Junior Only at Club Training Centre.

Saturday evenings and Sundays (all/half day) – Balcarras School Sports Centre. **

** Equipment stored on-sites

We will also be able to use the club training centre indoor range on a Monday & Wednesday morning, during the winter, if the field is too wet.

Kingshill, Balcarras & GL1 are all shot at full indoor distances!

Field Archery also takes place, generally every other week during the winter.

Clout sessions on selected Saturday mornings.