Club Practice (Winter)

When time comes to move indoors and we have lots of sessions and locations to support your shooting through the winter period.  In 2018 Indoor practice sessions will be held at Balcarras, GL1 Recreation Centre, Kingshill and at the new clubhouse/training centre.


Mondays/Fridays – Club Training Centre** for Beginners, Improvers and junior only sessions, as advertised and booking required.

Tuesdays – Deer Park Clubhouse/Training Centre  (BOOKING REQUIRED here)**

Wednesdays  – GL1 Recreation Centre **

Fridays – Kingshill School Sports Centre (Cirencester) **

Saturday evenings and Sundays (all/half day) – Balcarras School Sports Centre. **

** Equipment stored on-site

Kingshill, Balcarras & GL1 are all shot at full indoor distances!

Field Archery also takes place, generally every other week during the winter.

Clout sessions on selected Saturday mornings.