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Gloucestershire Archery Tournament Calendar

Upcoming Competitions

FieldWinter Field LeagueEntry
Target06/02/22Deer Park Archers UKRS Inclusion Tournament Entry
Target27/02/22 &
Gloucestershire Indoor Senior County ChampionshipsEntry

Completed Competitions 2022

Target01/01/22New Year’s Day Portsmouth & WA18 Club Target DayResults

Completed Competitions 2021

Target28/11/21Gloucestershire Indoor Junior County ChampionshipsResults
Target26/09/21UKRS Early PortsmouthResults
Target30/08/21Club Attrition DayResults
Target18/07/21Western Club Target DayResults
Target27/06/21Gloucestershire Combined County Junior & Senior ChampionshipsResults
Target13/06/21Short Metric Club Target Day Results

Completed Competitions 2020

Target27/09/20WRS DPA 720 & H2HResults
Target08/03/20Gloucestershire County Senior Indoor ChampionshipsResults
Target09/02/20DPA Fun Vegas
Target02/02/20Annual Inclusion ShootResults
Field09/11/19 – 01/02/20DPA Mini Field LeagueResults
Target01/01/20Portsmouth Club Target DayResults