Club Development

We recognise the need to develop the club in the best interests of our members and our sport.

We also recognise that it must be sustainable, affordable, relevant & inclusive and importantly play a positive role in the archery and local community.

Our involvement in Ontarget, ClubMark & the Club Leaders Programme recognises our belief that good coaches will only flourish in well run clubs.

We also pursue our ‘Passion for Partnerships‘, working together to improve our effectiveness to the mutual benefit of all parties!

Working with Archery GB on the Club Development Programme ‘Ontarget’ is an important part of our strategy. We have achieved all 3 of the Specialisms Community , Young People & Performance! We are the only Archery Club in the UK to have achieved this.

We are also a Clubmark Club for many years and in 2014 renewed our status for a further 3 years!

The Club Committee meets once a month and has a Club Development Officer focusing on this area.

The Club is part of the National Club Leaders Programme and was selected to be the first to participate from Archery GB.

We are proud of our progress so far and have the passion and commitment to continue to keep the club at the forefront of the latest best practice.

In 2013 we also became a member of a select few clubs that are working on the Archery GB ‘Participation’ Programme through our efforts to improve/increase participation of those with disabilities.

The development of volunteers, partnerships and all members is key to the clubs success as is members supporting the development of the county and the sport as a whole.

Some members receiving the Sport & Recreation Alliance Award for ‘Volunteer Management’ at St. James Palace in 2012.
Our coaches range from Level 1 to County Coach, 17 to 64 years old, a good balance of male/female and early in 2014 a further 12 members qualified as Level 1 Coaches and through our efforts a further 12 have qualified from other local clubs and Recreation Centres, 2 of our experienced work full time and run their own business, however all their services to the club are on a voluntary basis.

There are specialists in each of the bow types and a wide range of interests from beginner to performance, equipment to fitness & conditioning, disabled & learning difficulty, juniors to seniors! In short we have a great team of coaches. We will continue to encourage Coaching Assistants to take their Level 1 course and a number have done so in the last 12 months.