Interested in becoming a coach?  Read below about the members that have already taken the first step and continue to development their skills by helping promote archery via the clubs activities.

Level 1 Coaching Courses

We are planning two Level 1 Coaching Courses starting September 2016. These will also be open to individuals outside of the club and have been planned to ensure we can continue to meet the projected demands of growing clubs and more work in the community. They will be held at Balcarras School Sports Centre, successful applicants will be expected to also attend a ‘Pass it on’ Course, which we will organise and a couple of workshops focused on developing observation and development planning skills, it is also hoped to run a Drills & Skills Workshop. There will be various levels of funding support for participants but some will be conditional on delivering a ‘return on investment’ to our activities.

Coaching Support Workshop (Planned for March/April 2016)

We are currently preparing material for a short series of workshops aimed at developing observation skills, drills and skills and providing support to improve the design and implementation of development plans. These workshops will be particularly targeting our own coaches and potential coaches likely to commence the Level 1 Coaching courses in September.

Coaching Courses completed in 2014

We ran 2 L1 Coaches Course with 12 on each course. These courses were part funded by the grants we received to work in the disability arena. 50% were club members, the other 50% was made up of coaches from other clubs, recreation centres, colleges and community groups. They were designed to increase our coaching capacity.

Members of one of our coaching courses reflecting our encouragement of developing young coaches.
Members of  our last coaching courses reflecting our encouragement for developing young coaches.
Course picture of participants on day 2 of their 4 day programme.
Both L1 Coaching Courses completed March 2014..


We will also continue to run Sports Psychology workshops, Fitness and conditioning workshops, Fundamentals of Movement and working with disabled workshops for our coaches and members.

All juniors are allocated personal coaches and adults are given the option.

Coaching Recognition and Awards

In November 2014, Dan was a finalist in the Coach of the Year (All sports) run by the Gloucestershire Media.

Steph was made the Gloucestershire Archery Society Coach of the Year.

Needless to say both awards reflect being part of a very strong group of coaches that do excel in working with juniors from recreation to performance.

Our Current Coaches (Jan 2017) are:

Dan Gill, Steph Gill, Andy Cramb,  Vanessa Crang, Steve Mason, Tom Howse, Ben Humphries, Callum Fraser, Alex Fraser, Andy, Peter Pawley & Roger Crang

Martin Tucker, Graham Kent, Caroline A’Bear, Katherine Frusher, Phoebe Pine, Helen Healey, Jim Rowley, Will Kurtz, Chloe Tucker, Dave Sandles & Dean Gore.

Coaches that were members of Deer Park but now at University – Liza Hadley, Ciaran Lunt, James Lawton who are only available during non term time.

Plus (Non Archery GB/Other Clubs but we use them): Brian Gill, Ashraf Vaid, Fazel Patel.


We also engage coaches from other club’s when running county workshops for juniors.