Academy (Development Centre)


The Club has been successfully offering development pathways for many years, through workshops, training programmes, intensive coaching etc and extending this activity to involve the rest of the County.

The programmes offered will provide a ‘pick and mix’ menu of development opportunities to recognized specific individual needs.

Much of our Academy activities take place during the winter season (Indoor) from September to March.

During the 2014/15 Winter period we will be running numerous workshops and training days, these include:

Sports Psychology Programmes

Fitness & Conditioning Workshops

Hydration & Nutrition Workshops

Skills Days including ‘Drills & Skills”

Many Formal Club Target Days (mock competitions)

Equipment Maintenance Workshops

As well as numerous 1-2-1 coaching sessions and targeted group coaching sessions.

Video Analysis Sessions


To sustain the Club’s Policy to support all members of any bow type achieving their full potential, Deer Park Archers are committed to:

  • Providing a framework of Development Programmes for all bow types.
  • Developing our coaches and volunteers (including Coaching Assistants, Field Captains,  Equipment Officers etc)to support such programmes.
  • Supporting our local Archery Community and Governing Body.
  • Fully utilizing internal and external resources as appropriate.
  • Developing  a range of programmes, consistent with best practice,  providing short, intermediate and long term development opportunities.
  • Seeking out external funding to support the academy.
  • Continuing to develop innovative approaches to development of archers and strive to ensure that the activities are inclusive.
  • Promoting competition at all levels.
  • Strengthening the links between the club, our coaches and Archery GB.
  • Identify archers with outstanding  abilities and provide them with an environment designed to produce sporting excellence and develop/maintain the Olympic values.
  • Encouraging members of all ages to maintain their academic interest using sport as a means of engaging them.
  • Providing cost effective opportunities for all those motivated to develop to their full potential.
  • Benchmarking our practices against the very best programmes to energise our organization, fuel ambition and stimulate improvement.

These programmes should support the wider archery community and to enrich the activity, up to 20% of the archers could be from other Archery GB clubs, who would also contribute to the costs of the programme(s).


Selection Criteria for participation in a programme(s)


Note these programmes apply to all bow styles and individuals should:

  •   Demonstrate a level of commitment and potential to improve.
  •   Have their own equipment.
  •  Have parental/guardian consent and are prepared to support them.
  •  Have evidence of improvement and attending practice sessions on a regular basis.
  •  Actively seek and enjoy competition.
  •  Demonstrate personal characteristics that are compatible with the club values and programme aims.
  •  Be prepared to commit to the demands of the programme.
  •  Be confident that joining the programme(s) is in their best interest.