Member Pathways

We offer a framework to support all members developing to their full potential:

  • Volunteers to take up roles and responsibilities at all levels within the club.

Peter Sisson & Bob Worcester have provided Incredible support during the past 2 months!
Peter Sisson & Bob Worcester have provided Incredible support during the past 2 months!
  • Coaches (also volunteers) to develop to Coaching Grades of their choice.

Coaching Squad for this weekend, great work!
Coaching Squad for this weekend, great work!
  • Members who want to become Field Captains & Judges.

Great team of judges.
Great team of judges.
  • Archers at all levels and bow types, who want to develop to achieve their full potential regardless if that is recreational or performance.


Another European Record
Another European Record

Successful measures to assess if our support is adding value.

We constantly assess if our efforts are adding value. Measures include;

  • Retention rates

  • Attendance levels at practice sessions.

  • Attendance rates at social events.

  • Handicap Rankings.

  • Competition Entries.

  • Support at voluntary Community events.

  • Completion of Management Committee Actions.


Great Social event attendances
Great Social event attendances

By design the framework is a flexible programme but key elements include:

  • Provide coaching support at every club meeting

  • Encourage parents of juniors to complete the beginners programmes

  • Involve parents in coaching.

  • Involve parents in equipment maintainance and tuning sessions.

  • Provide lots of opportunities for competition.

  • Run improvers sessions

  • Develop and maintain a coaching resource of equipment, books and DVDs etc

  • Run ‘special targeted workshops’

  • Support initiatives such as the Progress Awards, November Challenge, July Nationals, GWAS Postal League, Talent Identification,  etc.

  • Arrange external coaches to visit.

  • Train for competition and support them at events

  • Provide equipment to support the individuals effective use of their own kit.

  • Recognise their achievements through newsletters, contacting schools etc.

  • Ensure the club supports all levels of archers

  • Help talented archers to seek funding

  • Provide opportunities for fun as well as serious competition

  • Run our own Academy/Development Centre to support all members that have demonstrated a desire to develop to their full potential and we include all bow types.

Packed container for our Safeguarding Workshop.
Packed container for our Safeguarding Workshop.

Long Term Archer Development (LTAD) The club has put together a framework to support LTAD most of the services are provided in-house, however for some of the more specialist areas we do use external suppliers.

The club uses the frameworks provided by the Archery GB Ontarget Programme in the areas of Community, Young People & Performance.