Community Club Specialism

We are proud to hold Community specialism. We have been the Community Club of the Year on a number of occasions!

We not only meet the criteria but are proud to say that we continue to exceed them by some distance!

The criteria are:

The club openly advertises opportunities to participate in archery

  • A consistent warm reception is provided on club nights.

  • On at least a monthly basis the club provides the opportunity for potential new participants to shoot Membership to the club is truly open and the club seeks to attract new members.

  • The club is able to provide shooting practice times to all of its members on a regular basis.

  • The club actively seeks to retain members by providing a varied and appropriate shooting programme.

  • The club is able to identify barriers to the above and works to find solutions through a plan of action.

These characteristics will be ingrained within the club and members as well as committee members will display these qualities consistently.

However we feel that fully meeting the above criteria (which we do) is simply the first step to being a true community club, as you will see below, we look at the much bigger picture.

A great success!
A great success!

Working with our CSP, local schools and businesses, recreation centres and councils we have recognised that for sports clubs to have a productive future and play an important role in the community we needed to evolve into a sports and recreation club. At the end of 2019 we felt that we are well on the way to achieving this!

As it happens due to our active role within the community and our club mission to support the development of the whole person and not just the archer we have been heading down that path for some while! However, we are certainly not claiming this was as a result of strategic thinking!

Our nominations for Community Club of the year have generally been based on two specific areas of operation, the role we play as an archery club in our community and our wider role as a provider of recreational activities.

Ontarget Community Sports Club Achievements

• Work with Parish, Borough and county councils on a range of projects and benefited greatly from their support. For example in 2017 we got a 50% grant for a compact tractor to improve our playing surface and increase number of open community have-a-go sessions we ran. Subsequently we were able to increase our community activities.

• Support the work across Gloucestershire running school games activities.

Assembly for the Primary School Finals which is an all day event.
Assembly for the Primary School Finals which is an all day event.

• Run have-a-go stalls at local fetes and large community events. • Run corporate sessions for local businesses, special Needs and other local interest groups (Woman’s Institute, Age UK, Singles Club, Sailing Club, walking groups etc).

• Play a very supportive role with our CSP Active Gloucestershire, from playing active role on committees, supporting events and even hosting and organising their annual team away day!

• Landscaped our Ground, in recent years we have planted more than a thousand trees around the perimeter of our neighbours recycling plant to reduce noise, improve appearance etc. (They now sponsor the club including free red diesel for the tractor!). They also provided the machinery and manpower to install the new club house foundations and car park extension free of charge!

Now used as a hedgehog release area.
Now used as a hedgehog release area.

• Supported the training, mentoring and development of non-Archery GB Coaches working in specialist disability groups and support the running of those sessions until they are competent.

• Our indoor venues for the winter programme are geographically spread, Cirencester, Cheltenham, Gloucester and our home venue is on a main bus route with a service every 10 mins!

• We run weekly summer open community have-a-go sessions. Very successful programme with long waiting lists. Accommodates ages from 6 upwards (Arrows). Now main route into the club via beginners courses but many happy to shoot once a week without joining (generating important income). This programme can run all year round using the clubhouse but due to the popularity of the hall, often difficult to programme in.

• Members spending voluntary time helping improve the environment to support our local wildlife. See attached brochure. The landscaping will provide picnic areas, sensitively integrated with the field course and away from the target range.

• We have an active  ‘ Men-in-sheds’ group formed in April 2018. We will be working with a combination of organisations including the NHS, Council, Active Gloucestershire and the Men in Sheds Association.

• We host team building and experience events of local social groups.

• We have established a range of non-directly related archery activities focused around our new clubhouse.


• We hold BBQ’s, encourage social gatherings of parents, non-shooters etc and invested  in new picnic tables, gas BBQ etc.

Time to socialize and work!
Time to socialize and work!

• In conjunction with the field course development, installed bridges, pathways etc through our wooded area to create a nature walk. Also installed bat boxes, bird boxes and planted bee and butterfly friendly plants.

• Installed a play area based around a mini-field course for the adapted kit (Arrows) archers.

Our new Adapted Kit play Area funded by Tescos.
Our new Adapted Kit play Area funded by Tescos.

• A club culture that encourages care and development of our diverse facilities as well as focusing on archery.