We are one (and the first one!) of a very few clubs to hold this specialism. We were the Performance Club of the Year as recently as 2016.

We not only meet the criteria but are proud to say that we exceed them by some distance!

The criteria are:

  • The club fosters an atmosphere where sporting excellence is encouraged and promoted.
  • Tailored training programmes and training sessions are offered to members on at least a weekly basis.
  • The development and recruitment of coaches and judges is properly planned to support performance archers.
  • The club facilitates archers to see competition as a driver for performance The club proactively works with other bodies and agencies.
  • The club understands the need to constantly progress archers on to the next level.
  • The club is comfortable with innovative thinking, discussion and works to find solutions through a plan of action.
  • These characteristics will be ingrained within the club and members as well as committee members will display these qualities consistently.

More details of the programme can be found by clicking here.

Ultimately we believe that whilst these specialisms provide excellent templates for structuring your activities they can often become a tick list, they need to be judged on results. With 2 World Champions, World Para Medalists, 3 World Record Holders, European Champions, multiple British Champions and 9 members currently in the GB Squad Programmes, we can provide that evidence! 30 coaches, great facilities, massive membership also add to our claim!

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