Training & Workshops

As a club we run workshop and training events on an almost weekly basis, the development of our archers and volunteer workforce is of key importance to our mission. Helping everyone to reach their full potential, regardless of what that is.

The club sets a budget aside specifically to ensure we meet our development needs, from coaching to archer training, from 1st Aid to safeguarding.


Skills & Drills Workshop

All members, whatever level of experience/ability, juniors/seniors that shoot recurve, Barebow & longbow are welcome. These workshops are key to helping you develop your skills further.


Level 1 Coaching Course

These are organised on an adhoc basis depending on the volume of interested.

Register your interest here.

Level 2 Coaching Course

These are organised on an adhoc basis depending on the volume of interested level 1 coaches.

Field Captain Workshop

This is a 2 hour workshop for all those who wish to volunteer to act as Field Captains. You will learn of about the role & the responsibilities of a Field Captain.

Nutrition & Hydration Workshop

We engaged an external provider to run the workshop. All members are invited to attend. Please let Steph know if you would be interested in attending the next workshop.

Equipment Maintenance Workshop

Take that big step to becoming independent and getting the most out of your equipment! Please let Dan know if you would be interested ing attending the next workshop.

First Aid course

Organised as demand for First Aid trained members requires it. If you would be interested in attending the next course registered your interest here.


String Making Workshops

Intended as an informative evening covering the basics of string maintenance and string making. This is an invaluable skill for all archers and reduces the reliance on coaches etc to do it for them! If you would be interested in attending the next workshop registered your interest here.



An important part of helping archers to meet their full potential and ensuring the club continues to improve the way it is run meeting the standards set out by ClubMark is to offer Training and Workshops. The day to day coaching support available at every practice session is not included under this heading. Likewise beginners courses are covered on a separate page.

Training can be delivered by appropriately qualified club members or external providers. Each year we conduct a training needs survey, some training & workshops are delivered informally, others more formally.

The majority of training & workshops will be advertised, some will be targeted at particular groups which could be specific bow types, improvers, coaches, committee roles etc.

Our Development Centre will offer a range of ‘Pick & Mix’ modules with specific eligibility criteria. Some of the programmes will be open to non members (up to 20%).

In recent years much of the training and development has been targeted at juniors, following the end of the year survey, it is hoped that the training offered will show more of a balance between juniors & seniors.