Disabled Archery Activity History

Can we do more? Are we doing more? The answer to both questions is yes! We know our impact is still minimal when you look at the big picture but we are doing our best. The help that the Worshipful Company of Fletchers is providing is great and they are facilitating an expansion of this model across the regions!

Are all clubs doing enough? Are other clubs doing more? Best to leave individual clubs to answer these questions, however with the current levels of engagement, quality of experience being offered etc doing enough is not enough if things really are to change.

The focal point of our efforts is inevitably around our Inclusion shoot, however the real work is practical participation, ability to accommodate, adapt, integrate, participate, support, communicate etc etc.  So looking good at this tournament is important gloss, its effectiveness relies on preparation, primer and undercoat. Much of this simply does not happen at present!

February 2019

Once again participant numbers grew, we become even more indebted to the Worship Company of Fletchers for their sponsorship support.

Our 2018 Inclusion Shoot was a great success but still nowhere near enough happening generally!
Our 2018 Inclusion Shoot was a great success but still nowhere near enough happening generally!

BBS Present Inclus Fletchers Fletchers2

February 2018

Our Annual Inclusion Shoot was over subscribed for the first time and the feedback from the event was 5* !

A member broke more European and World Records!

Inclusion Shoot 1Inclusion shoot VIInclusion Shoot 2

We recognise that this event is simply a show piece for our efforts across the year, there is still a long way to go but we are trying to lead the charge! The ultimate aim is no special events, fully integrated etc.

There are lots of areas we need to continue to develop: Our facilities, our equipment, our coaches, our tournaments, our social activities

December 2017

Our Annual Inclusion WA18(Sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Fletchers) goes from strength to strength with the 5th one planned for February 2018.

Our membership of those with disabilities is now just over 10% and the percentage of coaches with a disability is much higher than 10%. We have archers on most stages of the Development Pathway from recreational  to World Record Holders!

We work with a number of specialist disability groups including Allsorts, Active Gloucestershire and a number of specialist schools.

January 2015

We established a weekly Inclusion Club with more than 20 regular members and the expertise of many of our coaches has grown significantly. 2 members are members of the Archery GB Disability Advisory Committee, we have our first member in the Paralympic Development Squad (Now funded through TASS). We run one of the biggest annual record status indoor shoots in the UK targeting those with Impairments and running it as an Inclusion Shoot. We are looking to offer a mobility friendly field course and are currently applying for a grant to install a solid shooting line at our new ground. We are also currently purchasing some additional specialist equipment to support those with disabilities.

As well as World Archery Classifications we added our own to be more inclusive.
As well as World Archery Classifications we added our own to be more inclusive.
This annual event was another great success.
This annual event was another great success.

December 2013

The end of the year seemed like a good time to review our progress in developing our work in the active Inclusion Community and the development of our Inclusion Club. A summary of some key points is shown below, certainly not perfect, lots to do in 2014 but the great thing is that we are clearer on how to do it, the areas we need to strengthen and have certainly increased our knowledge and experience during 2013 and therefore we are more confident in the support we can provide!

  • Achieved funding from 2 sources to help deliver our projects.

  • Started two Level 1 Coaching Courses (24 participants) with a big emphasis on inclusion of those with both physical and SEN disabilities.

Course picture of participants on day 2 of their 4 day programme.
Course picture of participants on day 2 of their 4 day programme.
Martin learning to shoot blindfolded!
Martin learning to shoot blindfolded!
Dave & Dean learning the ropes!
Dave & Dean learning the ropes!


Dan providing support
Dan providing support

Chelt Incl Session

New friends and great fun!
New friends and great fun!


  • Purchased equipment to support the programmes

  • Organised a Record Status Inclusion Competition

  • Delivered a workshop to coaches on Inclusion

  • Delivered numerous ‘have-a-go’ sessions to specialist disability groups.

  • Running a weekly open Inclusion Club.

  • Launched our own Inclusion Club and continuing to expand membership.

  • Set up a network to gain access to more remote disability groups.

Clinton (background) celebrating another excellent end, Dan introducing a new start to our sport in foreground.
Clinton (background) celebrating another excellent end, Dan introducing a new start to our sport in foreground.
  • Arranged programmes in specialist schools for 2014

  • Linked in  to ‘DADS’ project

  • 2 Club Members joined the Archery GB Development Working Group to develop participation of those with a disability.

  • Booked 4 members on a 1 day ‘Pass it on’ workshop (Jan 2014) with a view to developing our own programme for mid 2014.

November 2013

Disability Projects

Great news on this front, one of our disability projects Archery GB have awarded us £7000 to help us achieve our aims of increasing participation of individuals with either physical or Special Educational Needs and offering, a Paralympic Pathway. Active Gloucestershire have also successfully supported us making an application for almost £10,000 for an ‘Awards for All’ Project which will deliver a new programme of activities that will aim to improve the health of young people and adults with physical and learning impairments, through using archery as an engagement tool. There is no overlap between these two projects however they certainly mutually beneficial and both will require a significant increase in the number of coaches required to sustain the activity. We are going to run 2 Level 1 Courses starting mid November.

Dave Sandles our Club Disability Advisor will be busy over the next 12 months!

We are also planning a Record Status FITA 18 Competition in February at Leisure @ for those with Disabilities and are inviting the Paralympic Squad to participate.

We ran weekly targeted ‘have-a-go’ sessions at venues around Gloucestershire and run an open Inclusion club at Balcarras School Sports Hall every Saturday afternoon, all were welcome. The cost was free!

Wow, impressive shooting at practice!

December 2012

Following meetings with Active Gloucestershire we decided to:

Run a series of pilot have-a-go sessions during January/February targeting a number of already formed local disability groups with a range of disabilities and introduce them to archery. We already have a lot of experience working in day care centres, special needs schools and council initiatives often at Recreation Centres and in partnership with active Gloucestershire. These pilot programmes will give us more data on the needs and opportunities and this information will be used to support an application for a grant to start a formal disability club. We will be seeking to gain support for coach development, specialist equipment etc. Whilst it is hoped the resulting club will be affiliated to Deer Park, an important part of the process will be to involve other clubs, coaches, volunteers etc with the aim of using this programme as a catalyst to encourage many more clubs to form.

At the beginning of March 2013 we decided to apply for a Sport England ‘Awards for All’ grant aimed at giving better access to our sport through the delivery of numerous have-a-go sessions, running 2 beginners courses for those with disabilities, running a Level 1 Coaching Course and launching a Disability Section within the Club.

November 2012

Dave Sandles was appointed Club Disability Advisor with immediate effect and joins the Management Committee.   

Deer Park Archers Disability Advisor Role Description

At the Club Management Meeting at the end of November it was agreed to arrange a number of have -a-go sessions during January/February with a view to running a formal beginners course(s) specifically for those with disabilities. As part of the process we invited coaches from other clubs to support us.

November – Dave Sandles & Roger Crang signed up to join the New Archery GB National Disability Forum.