Field Archery Mini League (Starting 21st October 2017)


The Deer Park Archers Mini League is intended to provide a fun introduction into Field Archery throughout the winter period without the investment of a whole day or weekend shooting.  It will also offer more experience archers to maintain their field craft through the winter period with a little competition along the way.

The league is open to adults and juniors from any club affiliated with the Gloucestershire Archery Society.  Competitors should be confident shooting the following distances for their scores to count towards the league.

  • Juniors will shoot up to 30m (from the white peg)
  • Adult Compound and Recurve will shoot up to 60m (red peg)
  • Adult other bow types will shoot up to 50m (blue peg)

Archers wanting to use the event as a field archery ‘have a go session’ may do so from any peg, but only rounds completed using the applicable peg colour will count towards the league results.


There will be 9 League events throughout the winter period split down into 3 marked, 3 unmarked & 3 mixed distance rounds.   Events will be held on Saturday mornings and will take approximately 2 – 2 ½ hours complete.

  • 12 Targets will be shot at each event.
  • Target types will change between events (i.e. WA Targets, 2D Targets and 3D Targets)
  • Scoring on the day will be appropriate to the target type being shot, with 2 score cards per group as per normal Field Archery protocol.

League Positioning

  • The league is divided into 3 divisions. Archers will be assigned to a division based on their ability and will compete within that division for the period of the league. Note because the divisions are based on ability, each division may contain different bow types competing to win their division title.
  • Points will be awarded to the first 10 archers within a category at each event with 1st place receiving 25 points down to 10th place receiving 1 point
  • Archers must compete in at least 5 of the 9 events to qualify for the final League title.
  • The accumulated points gained from the archer top 5 positions in league events will determine their final league position.

League Event Schedule

The league events will be held every other Saturday morning starting from the 21st October.  Assembly will be at 9:50 with shooting starting at 10:00.

21st October         – WA Marked
4th November      – 2D Unmarked
18th November    – 3D Mixed
2nd December     – WA Unmarked
16th December    – 2D Mixed
6th January          – 3D Marked  (Rescheduled from 30th December)
13th January        – WA Mixed
27th January        – 2D Marked
17th February      – 3D Unmarked


Each event entered will cost £3.50 per archer.  Entry will  be via online booking which will be available from September 1st via this page.