Gloucestershire School Games 2012

Archery in schools across Gloucestershire is flourishing, with many after-school clubs established and regular inter-school leagues involving both Primary and Secondary Schools but 2012 has seen the first  Level 3 competition as part of the County School Games week!

The competition actually started back in May with district competitions to determine the County finalists.

Gloucestershire is split into 4 districts, and the school games organizers for each , the Community Sports Partnership, Deer Park Archers and Xperience Archery worked together to provide the required training.

The Cotswolds district opted for a dedicated school day held at Cirencester Rugby Club where both Primary and Secondary Schools competed in a range of sports. The Primary Schools competed in mixed teams of 9, shooting in details of 3, using mini-genesis bows provided by Deer Park Archers and shooting as many ends as could be shot in 2 hours.

Team Awards


The senior schools using the same format but at a greater distance used a range of bows either provided by Deer Park or using their own equipment.

Kingshill Cirencester and Archway Stroud, both with well established after-school clubs progressed to the County finals.

The other districts opted for a virtual competition, shooting the same format but shooting at their after-school venues during an agreed week.

Almost double the number of schools wanting to compete in the 2013 programme means we will need to increase our coaching capacity and an extra 20 genesis bows will have been purchased and these developments are well in hand.

The County final took place on a blustery but mainly dry Saturday at Cheltenham College and the facilities were excellent, this would be an ideal venue for the regional final to take place.

The finals day saw, both school team and individual (Compound and non Compound) competitions and a large crowd of supporters, parents and school staff.

Scoring & Retrieving Arrows

Balcarras were the overall team winners, pushed all the way by Bourneside and Kingshill.