Indoor Facilities

  Our indoor facilities are second to none! We offer indoor winter activities EVERY day and all sessions are supported by coaches and most have defined purposes. General practice, inprovers, junior only, club target day, adults only etc.

Our Training Centre

Used as a practice and coaching venue, only 5 bosses maximum, 12 yds max distance. Heated, excellent lighting, used every Monday, Tuesday and Friday evening. Mondays and Fridays are a mixture of beginners, inprovers and junior only sessions. The Tuesdays comprise of 2 sessions, members places need to be booked online. The other 2 days are block booked sessions, arrangements vary according to session type. Also used by short mat bowls and training workshops.


club Workshop


Used Saturday evenings and a mixture of Sunday mornings but often all day Sundays depending on the programme. Also used for record status tournaments. Can shoot with comfort 25m, up to 9 bosses. Equipment stored at venue. Lighting good, heating sometimes too warm. Use every day over Christmas period.



Used Wednesday evenings, equipment stored on site. Up to to 9 bosses, can shoot at 30m, equipment stored on site. Also used for record status tournaments. Well lit and again sometimes too warm!

GL1 GTL1 2

Leisure @

Used for World and British Record Status tournaments, 20 bosses maximum at 18m. Equipment transported from off site.

Leisure at


Awaiting photo. Equipment stored on site, good lighting, heated etc. 9 bosses at 30m maximum. Used Friday evenings.

Note: We have 2 further venues which we use/have used however they are shorter ranges and at present our in house range meets our requirements.