Join the Club

Before deciding to join a club

Whilst completing the beginners course we recommend visiting other clubs, to get a feel for the alternatives.  Is our club right for you?  How will you be looked after once you have joined?  Prepare a list of things you would like to see in a club and find out which club best meets your specification or is working towards it.

How to Join


If you have decided to join Deer Park Archers you will need to fill out a membership form and submit this along with your membership fees to the admin team.  After submission, you will be able to shoot with the club during the General Practice sessions.

The club membership part of your joining fee is just £20 (likewise for the annual rejoining fee) probably the lowest around! However to recognise the incredible efforts our existing members to fund raise for our new ground and now, our amazing clubhouse development there will be a first time joining membership fee of £20.

Membership Forms and current fees available from the club secretary (

What does Shooting Membership include and cost? (No charge for volunteer members!)

When you first join Deer Park Archers you can have free hire of equipment for a set period and subject to availability, whilst you decided which bow type to focus on and before you purchase your own equipment.

The club administration will organise your Archery GB membership and Club Subscription (which includes insurance whilst shooting at the club ground & club indoor venues).

Additional Costs


The club charges a weekly target fee per person (discounts are applicable when two or more people from the same family shoot).  This charge covers all the shooting sessions from Monday through to Sunday, which during summer months can allow over 20 hours for shooting opportunity (depending on light availability).  Alternatively, the target fee can be paid by monthly standing order for further reduced amount per person.

The opportunities to shoot during the 6 months indoor season are second to none with indoor heated venues that most clubs could only dream about! (and there are still options to shoot outside as well, particularly field archery and target using our covered shooting area). So if you elect to shoot in any given week for the £4:00 target fee you could shoot 5 times indoors (3 of those sessions at full indoor distances) and do some outdoor shooting as well!! How is that for value!

Well our members get consulted regularly and in an online survey 100% of members felt the costs they more than got value for money and 40% felt the costs were too low!

Reasons given included, well lit, warm, all sessions supported by coaches and the top reason was lots of people attending leading to great social interaction and fun! More recently they have also highlighted the opportunity to challenge themselves with the outdoor and indoor 252 programme.