Looking to try archery but which club?

It is a great sport for all ages, we are blessed in Gloucestershire to have many good clubs, we strongly advise everyone to visit at least a few before you decide which club to join.
Use this link to the County Website to read about your local clubs:   http://glosarchery.com/about-us

We all have similar aims (forgive the pun!) but we also all have different cultures, different make up of membership, different programmes, varying locations, so take some time to make the choice that is right for you.

History shows that Archery suffers from a big loss during the first 12 months and Sport England have set our Governing Body a target to reduce this loss, analysis shows right club selection and best support during this period is key. So please ask questions, do your research and make the best decision for yourself. Gloucestershire is fortunate, lots of good clubs to choose from and all different, so plenty of choice!

We are a Sport and Recreation Club, we do much more than just shoot arrows, we are much more than just a venue, we play an active role in our community, we strive to be totally inclusive and also seek to make the experience we offer better each year.
What is important is that you have a great archery experience and you take it up! You may join us or come along to one of our many tournaments as a visiting member from another club, you will be sure of a warm welcome either way!