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CLUB KIT (Order Forms)

We encourage members to wear club kit at competitions, however we also recognise that in today’s world this can be expensive.

We encourage members to donate kit that is no longer being used, has become to small (or too large if you are on the fitness & conditioning programme!) to the club, so if you are looking for kit then please check to see if the club has any spare items.

We try to ensure we fully brief members prior to entering their first competition but would highlight that whilst the code has been significantly reduced that there are still some restrictions on what can and cannot be worn. If in doubt then check with a coach etc.

Due to demand we now have 2 shirt designs available, the first is our traditional, well established shirts shown immediately below. The second has recently been added to our range, more distinctive design, higher tech material and the ability to add your personal name as well. Similar price, please scroll down to see the design and order form.

The coaches can wear similar designs but with a red base colour, subsidies are available for coaches purchasing coaching kit.

PoloShirt Polo Shirt

Hoodie Hoodie


It is possible to order left and right handed tops (it swaps the side the logo is on). If not specified we will assume right handed. Please highlight so where on your order if you require left handed.

Prices are as follows:

Polo shirts and Hoodies in junior sizes £26.00 each

Polo shirts in adult sizes £31.20

Hoodies in adult sizes £34.20.

Prices may reduce, but that will depend on size of total club order.  Refunds will be provided for any discount achieved from the supplier or option to donate the discount to club funds.

Print off the Order Form and give to Lynn Benfield for inclusion in the next club order.

All payments must be made by cheque.  Payment for the value of your order is required before your items will be included in the club order. Cheque should be made out to “Deer Park Archers Limited”.  Please give this to Lynn or leave in the folder at practice.  If you have printed your order form remember to include that with your cheque.

Currently our main supplier is Delta Graphics.

Shirts – Second design has noiw3 been added to our range!

Please order through Lynn
Please order through Lynn

New Shirt Order FormNew Shirt Order Form sizes

Club Merchandise & Equipment for Sale

Items for sale(Feb 2018)

We have a large number of secondhand bows, arrows, longrods etc for sale on behalf of club members. It is our policy to recycle equipment where we can.  Michelle Pride coordinates the activity and we prefer to recycle equipment within the club, hopefully supporting new members to buy equipment more effectively, so everyone is a winner!

However, thank you to all the members that have asked the club to sell their equipment on Ebay and then donating the proceeds towards the fundraising project to purchase the new clubhouse!

We also have a number of members who are supporting us by producing goods to sell and donating the proceeds to the Club, keep up the good work and lets support them!

Please Speak to Lynn Benfield for these type of items:

Great value and helping the club with its fundraising!
Great value and helping the club with its fundraising!

Hat Pens
merchandise 1
Pens are £1 each

merchandise 2
Mugs are £5 each

Hats are £7 Adults and £5.75 Junior

We also have a stock of various training aids including excellent quality Formaster Harnesses and various types of stretchy bands. Talk to a coach for further information.