Young People

Juniors are at the heart of our club!

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  • Our club structure fully supports the development and welfare of every one of our 88 junior members and 150 Junior Satellite Club members.(Feb 2018)
  • We have a very skilled team of 2 Welfare Officers and 4 Safeguarding Officers supporting all members and their requirement to ensure a safe and supportive environment for everyone.
  • We have featured on local radio for the safeguarding policies and the programmes we deliver for juniors!
  • We have a very active Junior Committee supporting the management team to run the right activities at the right times. They also organise regular junior events and capture junior feedback.
  • We are continuing to train and development L1 coaches under 21 with 6 qualifying during 2017 and 2 more started the L1 Course towards the end of last year. We successfully gained funding support for all of those juniors.
  • We support juniors of all abilities, delivering programmes for performance to recreation archers, producing a wealth of GB and World standard archers and virtually all juniors becoming willing volunteers to help with the running, maintenance and development of the club! See the attachment to see our Club Champion Annual Award as an illustration of how we value all types of achievement and contribution.
  • We have developed a superb resource of events, challenges, games and activities to ensure the juniors have a great time, remain engaged and socially develop.
  • We have developed our own indoor and outdoor progress awards (recognition) that are much more junior and practice session friendly than others generally available, entry into junior regional, Perris and Archery GB postals, junior face to face leagues (Castle), junior tournaments. Appointed members to run these programmes.
  • We run the County School Games Programmes engaging more than 1000 pupils in the competition alone. Use our junior coaches and coaching assistants to help deliver after-school clubs and our coaches to support the big junior events.

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Quality junior participation through delivery of open community sessions at recreation centres, holiday camps, fetes and school programmes, progressing through junior focused beginners courses, improvers workshops, Development Centres and practice sessions having highly skilled coaches, suitable equipment and junior focused games/challenges. All bow types catered for.

Junior Squad Team Building & Practice Session.
Junior Squad Team Building & Practice Session.

Focus on team building, getting juniors working together but also developing their independence, supporting them to organise social events/competitions. Supporting Junior Facebook group. Developing young coaches/field captains.

Support juniors from age 5 through ‘Arrows’ activities, Bambies Club and Inclusion Club, which also cater for siblings/carers.

Not just shooting
Not just shooting

Key skill of the coaches/committee is recognising when they need space, letting junior groups use the field course, congregating socially at practice sessions, supporting D. of E. or creating fun challenges.

Develop the whole person not just the archer, so support includes opportunities working in the community, fundraising, delivering have-a-goes, working in teams, facilitation to become leaders and coaching assistants and join the club management committee. Winning numerous community awards.

Katherine receiving her award.
Katherine receiving her award.

Outstanding track record wrt technical support, for performance and recreation archers, our juniors winning national titles, international medals for GB etc. Add to this 10 JMB’s and a continuous stream of National Records. This extends to our support for disabled junior archers, with a good number entering record status competitions.

Lucy Mason
Lucy Mason

Work in partnership to deliver best L2/3 school games programmes at Primary/Secondary level in UK.

Annual club awards recognise not just best bow types, but young volunteer/coach/clubman.

Paige Tucker won the Junior Clubman of the Year.
Paige Tucker won the Junior Clubman of the Year.

Many articles in local press. Website monthly members achievement page. Schools informed of pupil achievements.

Run AGB Achievement Badges and Classification Programmes, which are presented at practice or social events.


In November 2012 we became one of a very few select clubs in the UK to have been awarded the

‘Young People’ Specialism! 

We are so committed to improving what we do to support the development of young people that in addition to the Specialism we are also a ClubMark Club and in October 2013 successfully resubmitted our application on the 3 year cycle.


We are proud to say we lead the way not just in the performance of our juniors but in participation levels from recreational to performance! Not just shooting arrows but in the way our juniors support their community!

With 50% of our members juniors,  our main membership feed coming from our after-school club pyramid system, a third of our coaches being under 30, running the County Junior Indoor & Outdoor Championships, managing the County Junior Squad and currently having more junior members than the rest of the county clubs added together, we have no excuses for not meeting the criteria!

The criteria are;

  • The club openly advertises opportunities for young people to participate in archery.
  • The club activities do not exclude young people if their parents/guardians are unable to attend.
  • On at least a weekly basis the club provided specific training sessions for young people.
  • The club actively seeks to recruit and retain young people by providing a varied and appropriate shooting programme.
  • The contribution of the role that young people can play in the running of the club is recognized and varied.
  • The club understands the issues around working with young people and provides an appropriate environment for young people tom learn and socialize.
  • The club demonstrates a commitment to, and is mindful, of the obligations to the welfare of young people.
  • The club is able to identify barriers and works to find solutions through a plan of action.
For us the achievement of these criteria is a base line, we are proud of our juniors performances both on and off the field. They make a major contribution to our work with the community, are well represented on the Club Management Committee and the manner in which they develop their life and archery skills is very impressive!
The link between improved academic achievement and their commitment to improving archery skills can clearly be demonstrated.