Club Merchandise & Equipment for Sale

Items for sale(Feb 2018)

We have a large number of secondhand bows, arrows, longrods etc for sale on behalf of club members. It is our policy to recycle equipment where we can.  Michelle Pride coordinates the activity and we prefer to recycle equipment within the club, hopefully supporting new members to buy equipment more effectively, so everyone is a winner!

However, thank you to all the members that have asked the club to sell their equipment on Ebay and then donating the proceeds towards the fundraising project to purchase the new clubhouse!

We also have a number of members who are supporting us by producing goods to sell and donating the proceeds to the Club, keep up the good work and lets support them!

Please Speak to Lynn Benfield for these type of items:

Great value and helping the club with its fundraising!
Great value and helping the club with its fundraising!

Hat Pens

We also have a stock of various training aids including excellent quality Formaster Harnesses and various types of stretchy bands. Talk to a coach for further information.