Membership and Fees

Shooting Members

To be able to shoot with any Archery GB club, individuals must have successfully attended a recognised ‘Beginners Course. As a club we run regular courses, and also, subject to checking back with other clubs delivering beginners courses and following our own assessment, individuals can join the club. Likewise for individuals that have been out of the sport for a period, we conduct an assessment to identify the best way forward.

It should be noted that any assessment is about safe practices, particularly range safety and basic technique, we do not turn interested individuals away because they are not shooting high scores!

For juniors under 8, we do conduct a pre-beginners course assessment to ensure they are ready to complete a course. Juniors age 5 -7 can join our ‘Deer Park ‘Bambies’ Section.

The club pays a ‘blanket fee’ to cover the Archery GB part of junior membership, for 2013/14 there will be a GWAS fee of £2, plus a club membership fee of £10 resulting in a charge of just £12 for existing junior members. In addition to this there is a one off joining fee for new members (see below).  

For existing seniors members the fee will be a total of £67, comprising £39 Archery GB, £6 GWAS, £10 GAS & a club annual membership fee of just £12. In addition to this there is a one off joining fee for new members (see below).

Depending on the time of the year joining, the Archery GB parts of the overall membership are reduced Pro-rata to reflect the duration of membership.

From September 2013 there will be a one off administration fee of £20 for new members to the club. Existing members will not be affected, this fee is to reflect the considerable efforts existing members have put into the Club to support fundraising for our new ground.

Weekly Target Fees

I am sure we all agree that the shooting and membership fees are an absolute bargain for the facilities we use. There have been a number of discrepancies over the last few weeks. Can I remind members that it is £3:50 for one or more attendances in a given week. With a reduction to £6 for 2 shooting members from the same family (Note if only one shoots in a given week then it reverts to £3:50). The system of paying by Standing Order is encouraged and does offer reductions (Just £12 per month). Let the Club Secretary know if you want to take this option up.

Non-Shooting Members

Non-Shooting members will pay a membership fee of just £5 in recognition of the volunteer support they give us! This membership will ensure that volunteers are formally members and covered by the full range of insurance that Archery GB provides and give voting rights within the Club.

Other Memberships Available

Separate membership arrangements apply to our ‘Bambies’ Section (5 – 7 year olds) and to those that want to apply to become an Associate Member. Details on application.