Our greatest resources are the quality & experience of our coaches and the volunteers who help to run the club! Their knowledge of not just the technique, demands and pathways of our sport but the use of video analysis tools etc are all important to the development process.

However, as part of the Club’s Membership Services we have invested in a range of equipment that can generally be loaned free of charge or for a minimal charge, exceptions are the bigger items such as the bow press, arrow cutter, chain saw, etc, where with H & S in mind only trained members can operate them.

Shooting Equipment

We have :

  • Hoyt Ruckus Compound Training bows, which can be used to train members to use a compound bow. Also a number of intermediate compound bows again for training or loan.

  • Also for compound training a wide range of release aids, scopes, long rods, launchers etc

  • ‘Trainer Longbows’ at poundages suitable to those wishing to try longbows.

  • Recurve bows from Wooden take down, Rolan (sizes 48 to 70 in weights from 12lbs to 28lbs) to support beginners through to improvers. We then have a range of recurve bows with metal risers to again support the development of Improvers and those working on technique development who need lighter bows. We have many sets of limbs to allow members to reduce poundage for coaching sessions or stronger limbs to see if an increase in poundage would be manageable.

As part of a club initiative to better support our members we have implemented a loan process, whereby those successfully completing beginners courses and/or improvers who do not have their own equipment can attend a EQUIPMENT MAINTENACE WORKSHOP and then loan a complete kit FOC for  3 months when the situation will be reviewed. This applies to Recurve, Compound & Longbow. For insurance reasons the club does not endorse members using club equipment at home, unless the Archery GB rules for range layout are fully met.

Thanks to Satellite Club funding we have equipment (Bows, arrows, bosses, ground quivers, netting, arm guards, etc.) stored at 4 of our venues. This saves a lot of transportation and increases the number of coaches we can use.

We have an extensive range of Genesis bows (Mini, Maxi etc) which are generally used to support the School Clubs, School Games and Have-a-Goes, due to high usage this equipment is not loaned out.

As you would expect, we also have a range of 3D Targets for the field course & items such as bosses, stands, nets, metal detectors etc to support club membership shooting during practice and club tournament shoots.  We also have a ‘Coaches Box’ which contains many training/coaching aids, poundage meters and equipment for emergency repairs etc.

We have a number of equipment maintenance and tuning experts including Arrow and Bow Technicians.

Workshop Equipment

String making in action.

The latest additions to our club services include an Arrow Cutter, a Spine Testing Jig, grain Scales and an arrow Jack. Thanks to our fund raising efforts and generous donations the club now also has its own Engraving Machine, Compound Bow Press and even an excellent sound system.

A large range of items to support equipment maintenance & tuning activities, from fletching Jigs to Laser equipment, items such as nocks, vanes, glues, arrow rests etc are bought in bulk and members can use these.

We have members who offer services from string making (High Quality) to making Leather Tabs, Arm Guards, Quivers etc.


Educational Resources

We have an extensive library of books and DVD’s which our Club Librarian looks after and these can be loaned free of charge.

These resources and other club activities relating to recycling etc., all support our ‘Sustainable Club’  Policy. These initiatives helped us to finish in the Top 3 a Sport & Recreation Alliance ‘Green Policies’ Award and also form an important consideration as an Environmental Body.

Other Resources

Equipment for repairing foam bosses including a banding machine is part of a set of larger general ground maintenance items which include compact tractor, flailing machine, strimmers, chain saw, hedge cutters and Flymos etc. Again use is restricted to trained members for H & S reasons.

A fully equipped kitchen area.

Security arrangements

With a lot of our resources spread across a number of venues we have taken a range of steps to ensure they are secure. This ranges from ‘smart water’ registration, alarmed locks, multi-layer locking doors and fixings, internal alarms, dial out break-in alarms, random scheduled security patrols, raised , locked security barriers, video surveillance compliments of Elliotts,  to mention just a few!