Fundraising Activities

February 2015

Fundraising activities are progressing on many fronts, we have so many projects on the go. Yes we are applying for a number of grants to help us on our way, but at the same time we are doing a lot of things ourselves. In-house club target days, raising around £100 pounds for each event, our record status Bray raised over £500, Lynnes Quiz Sheets have raised over £350, fetes have raised many hundreds and the setting up and running of our 3 Satellite clubs have produced thousands of pounds in membership income but the biggest fund raiser of all is the incredible numbers that turn up to practice sessions every week. The running of after-school clubs and the consequent reductions in hire costs for club practice sessions has also generated good cost savings.

Top Statistic!

Over the last 18 months we have managed to purchase our own ground with full planning consent, get it to a useable state and indeed make it something special.

Total cost so far = £101K

We have raised £48K through our own hard work/fundraising activities. The remainder has been raised through grants.

All of this has been achieved without any compromise on our community work and indeed successfully completing 2 projects aimed at increasing participation in our sport of those with disabilities (one funded by the Lottery Awards for All Programme and the other by Archery GB (£17K). At the same time supporting and organising the best School Games programme in the UK.



What happened between April & September 2014 (Outdoor shooting season at temporary ground).

The early part of that period saw a lot of resources being focused on getting the temporary facilities to a standard where we could use them, so for a brief period we were not so active fundraising. However a couple of months in things started up again carboot sales, fun shoots etc. We also decided to appeal to club members to make personal donations. To ensure that the process was an entirely voluntary one we appointed an Anonimity Officer, who together with out Treasurer processed all donations. At the same time we also changed our approach to social events which had been run at a loss, they were now structured to make a small profit or at the very least break even! We also became a CAS which was perfect timing to maximise the benefits of members voluntary donations!

What happened between January & March 2014 (Still indoor shooting season)

Our efforts are continuing both through grant applications and importantly through our own ideas & activities  to raise funds. We do not want to label it as hard work because that would be misleading, it does not feel like that, it is fun, socially exciting, certainly good for the soul and has further added to the team spirit with many friendships developing!

We would like to record our thanks to the Summerfield Charitable Trust for the support they have given us and that is recognised on our Welcome page.

Just some of our own highlights include:

  • More great work on our ebay account.
  • Kevin raising £363 with his ‘Iron Man’ shoot
  • Lynn raising £90 with her Quiz Sheet
  • The Club Calendars raising over £500
  • The two target days raising £200
  • The Bray raising £ 350
  • Are good examples!

The last weekend in March sees the Swimmathon which will be a big fund raiser for both the club & local charities.

We are also geared up for a skittles match, horse racing evening and car boot sale in the next few weeks!

September 2013 to December 2014 – A clear focus!

Our policy has been and continues to be one of ensuring membership is affordable and open to everyone!

This is still the case however because of our need to find a new ground of our own we are spending a lot more time raising funds ourselves, we are not just relying on applying for grants.

We also believe that we should be transparent in everything we do and that it should not be at the expense of what we do well (Encouraging participation and supporting all members to achieve their potential, whatever that is).

In applying for external grants we have several areas of strength: A proven track record of achievement in competition, participation and community not just within archery but across sport! Furthermore an incredible demonstration of what we can achieve by raising over £25,000 pounds, purely through our own efforts in less than 5 months!

Fund Raising Catalogue 7 December 2013

Fundraising update Dec 2013


As an example of a successful activity to raise funds the production of the 2 Club Calendars is a good example:

Group of volunteers formed, 2 formats identified one targeting members (lots of pictures of them), the other more archery general and artistic in nature. Drafts produced, orders taken and then printing costs assessed. Using members contacts, unit costs reduced to zero. Calendars sold for £10 each!

A big thank you should go to CLK Media for printing the Calendars


An even bigger thank you to

Greeny Visuals

 for sponsoring the costs!