Member(s) of the Month

For this public acknowledgement of excellence to be meaningful, the following guidelines have been used:

Those individuals or organisations selected will have excelled in their levels of achievement in more than one of the following criteria and exceeded all expectations..

  • Worked above levels normally expected to achieve their personal development aims or those of the club.
  • Contributed to club activities in community work, club socials, fundraising etc to a levels significantly greater than expected.
  • Contributed to the development of the club as an external organisation.
  • Played a significant role in helping other members in the club.
  • Achieved high levels of performance.
  • Been an ambassador for the Club &/or our sport.

January 2016

Peter Pawley one of our coaching team, had a very busy month supporting General practice sessions at GL1 & Bacarras, the club Inclusion Sessions and some of the County Junior Squad events. Peter is also our Safety Officer. He was field captain for a number of Club Shoots and his help has been particularly useful this month. He has had an amazing coaching success with one of the juniors at GL1 who went on to win the GL1 Competition.

Peter Pawley
Peter Pawley

December 2015

No doubt about this months nomination, Lucy Mason aged just 15, has won the British Senior Ladies Compound Title at the National Agricultural and Exhibition Centre at Stoneleigh to round off a great weekend for herself and for Deer Park Archers.

Lucy Mason receiving the Ladies Compound Trophy from Mr David Harrison - Chairman of Archery GB.
Lucy Mason receiving the Ladies Compound Trophy from Mr David Harrison – Chairman of Archery GB.

Having qualified 5th in the 52 strong qualification round on the Sunday morning she convincingly won all 5 of her elimination rounds beating the UK Number 1 Ranked Compound Archer, Andrea Gales in the final. Despite being drawn in the toughest half of the draw she romped to victory after victory, equaling the World Record for a 15 Arrow Pass on 2 occasions!

This performance was no flash in the pan as she has broken a series of National Records and landed many titles throughout 2015 and had finished 4th in Saturdays Back2Back competition beating a number of well known international archers in the process.

November 2015

Our Club Annual Awards recognised Paige Tucker and Mary Crang  as Junior and Senior Clubman of the year. Both have worked tirelessly to support a range of activities during the year and to be selected from what is a great team of volunteers in the club is a credit to both. Well done!

2015 Annual Awards Winners Images.0222015 Annual Awards Winners Images.023

October 2015

Deer Park Archers Awarded £70,000 ‘Inspired Facilities’ Grant from Sport England

Recognition must go to our management team that worked so hard to prepare the application .

We are pleased to announce that we are among 148 sports projects to secure a share of £10 million of National Lottery funding from Sport England’s Inspired Facilities fund.

Almost 2 years ago the Gloucestershire Echo ran a front page story on the plight of the club entitled ‘Deer Park Archers future hangs on bid for new base’, since then we have completed the purchase of our own land, secured full planning permission to meet our requirements and made a number of big steps towards our dream of having a facility that will become a real and perhaps all too rare example of an Olympic Legacy!


August / September 2015

We would like to recognise the County Junior Team with another sparkling day for Gloucestershire (12,679) , again winning the event by some margin over Devon & Cornwall (11,125) who finished second, Somerset (10,998) third and finally Dorset & Wiltshire (10,407).

The team which had been selected from the winter squad training programmes and archers that had performed well over the summer was drawn from just 3 Clubs, Cleve (3), Cheltenham (3) and Deer Park (9).

The winning 15 strong team from Gloucestershire!
The winning 15 strong team from Gloucestershire!

July 2015

We would like to thank the Gloucestershire Environmental Trust  for awarding us a grant and DE Spencer & Sons for the fantastic job they have been doing in installing drainage, it has not been an easy job as the site was an inert material land fill 24 years ago and they have encountered many challenging obstacles.

June 2015

James Howse completed a fantastic week at his first World Youth Championships by securing a Bronze Medal in a dominant win 145/141 against Jesse Sut from Italy.

Earlier in the week James had partnered Lucy Mason (an all Deer Park team!)in the mixed team beating South Africa 139/128 in the bronze medal match.

Our club could not be more proud of James and Lucy’s achievements, especially when the have another couple of years at that age group!

James Howse - Outstanding Achievements
James Howse – Outstanding Achievements

May 2015

Recognising our first success with the Partnership Award Annual Awards made by Archery GB as part of their Ontarget Programme.

As a club we are great devotees of the Ontarget Programme and the help and support that it provides and would again like to thank the Development Team for the support they continue to provide.

The Partnership Award recognizes the combined efforts of Deer Park, Xperience Archery and Active Gloucestershire to produce the best Primary & Secondary Archery School games in the UK. With almost 70 primary schools now competing the sheer scale of the support and organization needed is considerable but this partnership continues to deliver.

Arran Coggan, presenting the Partnership Award.
Arran Coggan, presenting the Partnership Award.

April 2015

2 teams are recognised this month as they represented us in the Ontarget National inter-Club Team Competition

The official team representing Deer Park in the first round of the OnTarget Club competition away at Tyndale was made up of Andy and Nicola Cramb shooting recurve and another family pairing of Alex and Callum Fraser shooting compound.

There was also an informal team of longbow archers along side captained by John Craigie with Dave Ponton, Lynn Benfield and Martin Hutchings.

Our Longbow team, made so welcome by Tyndale Archers.

Both teams won!

Our Ontarget Team
Our Ontarget Team
Longbow Team
Longbow Team


March 2015

Best members performances were probably Phoebe Pine winning  a Junior ladies compound event and recording her first National Record, Charlotte Lunt winning the junior ladies recurve and recording a personal best by some distance and the highest ladies recurve score of the day.

February 2015

Our second Inclusion shoot was a great success so this month recognition is given to Roland Clark from Active Gloucestershire who was the events Gentleman Patron and who does so much good work encouraging participation of those with a disability in all sports.  Alison Pine our Inclusion Officer who facilitated this event and Richard Jones/Adrian Gifkins whose excellent Judging made this shoot a pleasure!

January 2015

We are pleased to report that Dave Ponton won the Gents Longbow with a new County record of 354. Dave works tirelessly to improve his technique, is rapidly gaining experience, always supportive to those around him and such great fun to be around!

David Ponton - Performances of the month!
David Ponton – Performances of the month!

December 2014

Phoebe Pine

Phoebe Pine finished a great year on a high note winning the able bodied British Junior Championships U18 Girls Compound at the Ricoh Arena in a very close and competitive section. The title was not won until the very last arrow so not only did Phoebe shoot well but she maintained her form under pressure. This is no more than Phoebe deserves as she trains most days, shoots a lot of arrows each day/week. Phoebe also helped with some coaching at a Primary School in Cirencester.

IA 14

November 2014

Chloe Tucker

Not only has Chloe shot very well this month with big increases in her personal best but she has helped coach on a regular basis at numerous sessions including the weekly GL1 Community Sessions, the Inclusion Club and the Bambies. This has also been recognised at our Club Annual awards with Chloe winning the Young Volunteer of the Year Award!

Chloe Tucker - Worthy Winner
Chloe Tucker – Worthy Winner

October 2014

We have taken the unusual step of  recognising a non Deer Park Archers member and her organisation for their exceptional work with the school games and the way it has resulted in promoting archery at both primary and secondary level!

School Games Award for Active Gloucestershire!

Active Gloucestershire have been recognized with a very well deserved national award for the School Games Programme and our partnership with them during the Level 2 & 3 Archery Finals is one of the highlights of the year during our work in the community programme!

Well deserved award for Active Gloucestershire!

Well deserved award for Active Gloucestershire!

Kirsty Dunleavy pictured left will be our Guest of Honour at our Awards Evening.


September 2014

Our 8 members of the County Junior Team and Paul Twaites!

Our Junior Inter-Counties team triumphed again and by some margin with our members shooting superbly so congratulations go to: Rachel Lucas, Nicole Deasey, James Howse, Lucy Mason, Holy Clifford, Charlotte Lunt, Anna Langdon & Robbie Baker!

Gloucestershire Team
Gloucestershire Team

Paul Twaites did us proud in his first ever competition, winning individual silver in the Novice Class and team bronze in the first ever Invictus Games! Paul was supported by Dave Sandles our coach that worked with Paul throughout the process.

Paul flying the flag!
Paul flying the flag!

August 2014

Kate Lawton & Tom Howse

Kate has played a key part in the formation of Deer Park Archers Limited and the purchase of our new field, working tirelessly with the external groups and their representatives to make it all happen. A combination of expertise, boundless energy, professionalism and a real focus on what we needed to achieve. Kate always ensured no stone was left unturned and that the end result was on-time and in the best interest of the club!

Tom Howse winning Silver in Korea!
Tom Howse winning Silver in Korea!

Tom Howse achieved an amazing result in Korea, against all the odds representing GB he won silver! During this month Tom also continued to help coach at club practice sessions and has been sharing the Archery GB warm up routine with our members to reinforce the need to do do warms effectively!

July 2014

Holy Clifford, Alfie Wilkes and Connie Healey

This team of 3 Compound Archers won the Mixed County team award at the British Junior Championships! All shot extremely well, are a product of hard work, focus on technique development and each played their part in supporting the club in all its activities. This is a team from Deer Park archers that beat all the other counties and Scotland, Ireland and Wales! Great shooting and well deserved recognition!

Some of our very successful Junior Compound Team
Some of our very successful Junior Compound Team

June 2014

Steph & Dan Gill

Organised the Archery at Level 2 & 3 for both the Primary & Secondary School Games across Gloucestershire. Supported by many club members. All the events, half and whole days ran like clockwork and were a great advert for our sport. It was a combination of great coaching, lots of travelling to several events in a single day and lots of organising.

May 2014

Lucy Mason

Lucy is the perfect example of someone has has remained focused on what she wants to achieve and that is ‘to become the best female compound archer in the world!’ She with the support of her parents and coaches dedicates herself to achieving this in all aspects of her shooting, technical, practice, fitness & psychology all get due attention.

This month saw Lucy represent Team GB for the first time in the European Youth Championships in Slovenia and she was the youngest member in the squad by some distance, not only did she acquit herself well but she was part of the GB Cadet Team that won the team Bronze medal.

Lucy has a string of National Records, British Championship titles and many other successes but for Lucy these are just stepping stones to her longer term target! Well dome Lucy!


James Howse

James has a string of successes in the National Championships, holds numerous British Records and like Lucy qualified for the European Youth Championships in Slovenia and was the youngest male member of the GB Squad. James shot solidly during the individual competition and grew in confidence as the week progresses which culminated in him being part of the Bronze Medal winning cadet team on the final day of competition!

Well done to James on getting his first international experience and we are sure there will be many more great days in the future!

April 2014

Ciaran Lunt

Announced winner of the ‘2013 Archery GB Ontarget Young Volunteer of the Year!’

Immediately he joined the club in 2011 he started getting involved in all aspects from coaching and social to competition and community. He has been a Level 1 Coach since he was 16.

Ciaran always put the development/welfare of others before his own and until October 2013 helped on a regular basis at club practice sessions as both a general support and a personal coach, helping at beginners’ courses and the many community events.

His capacity to support the club’s activities is very impressive as he has continued shooting at a high level and then shone academically, securing a place at Cambridge University where he has joined their Club but continues as an Associate member with us.

Typical of Ciaran’s commitment to what he does, whilst at University he has continued to keep involved in Deer Park through twitter/face book and is always the first to congratulate members when they achieve something special! Again typical of his commitment he was immediately helping at Deer Park Improvers sessions over Christmas.

Ciaran supports many of the Active Gloucestershire events and is particularly good/experienced when working with those with disabilities. He often cycles considerable distances to help at community events. It is not only his coaching skills (way above L1 standard), he gets actively involved in many of the social events.

His motivation and energy to be the best he can at everything he does continues to be an inspiration to many members of Deer Park Archers

Katherine Frusher

Katherine was recognised by Royal Society of Saint George in honour of IRA victim Captain Robert Nairac

A select few of Gloucestershire’s selfless souls were rewarded for their commitment to their communities at a special ceremony at Gloucester Cathedral during its 36th St George’s Day service.

Katherine who is also working towards becoming a Guide Leader has also recently qualified as a Level 1 Archery Coach and has also completed her ‘Arrows’ Training. She helps at many Club Community events and the Archway After-School Club.

Katherine has chosen to share her Award Cheque between Asthma UK and the club’s land purchase fund!

Well done Katherine, another great example of how young people can contribute so much to their community!

March 2014

This is a really difficult decision with so many contributing so much and with many amazing performances! Contributions are such that UK Recorder breaker James Howse, Indoor County Champions, new Level 1 Coaches and all the work they are doing in the community do not get a mention!

We have chosen 5 junior members to share the honors!

Nicole Deasey (age 12) not only won the County Senior Indoor Championships but followed it up by getting a Senior British Record in our record status Bray. Nicole not only practices hard but is always caring and supportive to those around her!

Nicole Deasey
Nicole Deasey


Riley Spencer-Nice is a multi-national champion and British Record holder at Barebow but has now made the transition to recurve. He did not find it easy but with hard work and dedication has seen his personal best score improve by a 100 points during March! Riley has put in extra coaching sessions and not been afraid to enter competitions!

Riley Spencer-Nice
Riley Spencer-Nice


Hannah Deasey has made massive improvements in her technique and confidence during February and March, again attending extra coaching workshops and practice sessions. Hannah is incredibly focused and just gets on with it, this application has resulted in a big increase in her personal best and a string of consistent performances.

Hannah Deasey
Hannah Deasey


Josh Uzzel’s recognition is for almost identical reasons to Hannah, great technique improvements brought about by regular attendance at practice sessions and coaching workshops which has resulted in massive increases in his personal best scores!

Josh Uzzel
Josh Uzzel

Molly Peters is a relative novice compared with the others, she improves with each session, is keen to enter competitions and has already recorded some very creditable scores. Molly just gets on with her archery and is another product of hard work, coachability and a willingness to strive for improvements in her technique.

Molly Peters
Molly Peters

February 2014

Nichola Cramb, Dave Sandles, Kev Sutherland and Phoebe Pine are recognized this month each for different reasons but each have made good contributions in a very busy month for the club!


Nichola,’s performances have dramatically improved through hard work and increased levels of attendance at club practice sessions resulting in her finishing 2nd in the CSSC Indoor Championships and 2nd in the Gloucestershire Ladies County Indoor Championships!

Nichola Cramb
Nichola Cramb

Dave Sandles our Inclusion Officer has not only improved his Barebow shooting but organized much of the Club Inclusion FITA, gaining sponsorship, publicising the event and general organizing as well as helping at Inclusion Club as well as doing his Level 1 Coaching Course and attending a ‘Pass it on’ workshop and completing a disability awareness programme!


Dave Sandles
Dave Sandles

Kev Sutherland continues to do sterling work on our ebay programme, help with the promotion of competition entries, enter many competitions, he has taken up longbow as well as barebow and has made rapid progress. To show off his skills he shot 4 different bow types in our FITA18 Inclusion Shoot and raised over £350 in sponsorship! Kev also helps his wife Mel with the weekend refreshments!


Kev Sutherland
Kev Sutherland

Phoebe Pine has had a remarkable few months, her techniques , focus and shooting confidence have shown a tremendous improvement. She has been invited to join the Paralympic Development Academy and despite all of this has found time to complete her Level 1 Coaching Course! Her scores have continued to rise and she is becoming increasingly comfortable in competition.


Phoebe Pine
Phoebe Pine


January 2014

Martin Tucker

Martin is recognized not just for his role as Safety Officer but in the role as an Equipment Officer and in the way he is gaining experience as part of his Level 1 Coaching Course supporting the Inclusion Club and many other community events.

He has managed to do all of this, whilst supporting his 3 daughters developing their archery skills and continuing to develop his own archery and he is making great progress!

He is also one of the first to practice sessions and always stops to help pack away!

Martin Tucker
Martin Tucker


December 2013

Our joint winners have a number of things in common, they both attended numerous practice sessions leading up to the British Indoor Junior Championships, both have engaged in the Sports Psychology and Nutrition Programmes and set development objectives for the shoot. Both achieved them and in doing so also returned excellent results! Both also play an active part in the social, community and fundraising activities of the club, throughout the month. Our congratulations and thanks go to:

Will Kurtz

Will has just started his Level 1 Coaching Course, helps at Beginners/Improvers and recorded a personal best score of 568 at the Junior Champs.

Will Kurtz
Will Kurtz

Charlotte Lunt

Charlotte has been helping at the after-school club and finished 3rd in the British Champs, was the youngest competitor  in her age group and with a personal best of 536.

Charlotte Lunt
Charlotte Lunt