Satellite Clubs

Around 2010 we were award grants to start what were termed Satellite Clubs, we are proud to say that at the end of 2019 all 3 are still running, 2 of them very successfully, the 3rd not so much but we are concentrating efforts in 2020 to resurrect the programme to its former glory!

The format meets the original objectives, however only those that elect to join the full club are Archery GB members and all the Satellite Club meetings are covered by XPA and School/Centre insurances and the coaches by Sports Coach UK.

Denmark Road – High School for Girls has 57 members and some have progressed into our main club. They meet weekly and have had considerable success in the School Games Programmes!

Secondary Finals, 4 details of 3 archers for each team.
Secondary Finals, 4 details of 3 archers for each team.

Balcarras School currently has a similar number of members, outstanding performances at school games and successfully integrate all ages from Year 7-12. Many have successfully progressed into the main club!

GL1 Club, has 2 sections the under 10’s and the over 10’s, numbers are low at the moment, however a good percentage have progressed to the main club.

Sessions are organised and run by XPA supported by DPAL Coaches. The Denmark Road and Balcarras Clubs are closed to school pupils only.