Gloucestershire School Games

Since 2012 the schools games become bigger every year, thanks to Xperience Archery who we partner in these programmes.  Competitions involving Primary & Secondary schools from all across the county are held over the school year. Secondary during the winter and spring terms, Primary during the summer term.

Members of Deer Park Archers (comprising coaches & volunteer coaching assistants) help during the year to support this amazing programme and Active Gloucestershire played a huge part in the success of the activities!

So late March 2019 saw our first Secondary School Level 3 County Finals taking place at Cheltenham College, where teams of 12 battled it out, qualification/ranking rounds in the morning, head2head eliminations in the afternoon.

The finalists had qualified through District Finals that had taken place at various locations during the indoor winter season. As a consequence of running the programme during the winter season the teams were much stronger and competition levels much higher!

Following every type of weather possible during the qualification rounds, we had some pleasant sunshine in the afternoon and despite some close encounters in the quarter finals the top 4 seeds emerged, Balcarras, Stroud High, Denmark Road and Sir William Romney in that order.

Despite close matches, the results followed form and Balcarras, who certainly raised their game triumphed one again.

The Primary School programme iincluding the District finals completed during March, April & May. With record numbers of entries (more than 120 teams of 9) competition for the final 10 places was intense. Another closely fought final at Hartpury!

County Primary School Games Final hits new heights!

17 major qualification events, 125 teams of 9, totaling 1125 Archers, seeking just 2 places from each of the 5 District Finals to achieve the honour of competing at Hartpury!


Teams getting instructions for a fun, challenging and very competitive day.Teams getting instructions for a fun, challenging and very competitive day.

With a qualification round in the morning, the top 5 teams reaching the Genesis Finals and the bottom 5 competing for position and medals using the adapted kit.

Ple4nty of coaching support.
Plenty of coaching support.

Arrows Final

Both Finals in the afternoon lived up to expectation, especially the Genesis final with new winners in Sapperton with a staggering average arrow value of 9.1


Sapperton were deserved winners.Sapperton were deserved winners.

Previous multiple winners Hillview finishing second and Callowell winning Bronze.


Hillview pushed them all the way!Hillview pushed them all the way!

Our team of 10 coaches helped by students from Hartpury delivered another superb experience for all those involved.

 One of many District finals, this one took place indoors!

One of many District finals, this one took place indoors!

The culmination of a years activities in school clubs which take place after-school, lunchtimes, breakfast and in-curriculum time is the finals days which are fantastic. Teams have to qualify for the finals by winning their District finals which can see as many as 20 teams competing for just 2 places from each district!

The School Games give the efforts throughout the year a purpose and focus, which are a key factor in developing sport in the county!”

School Games Finals have been successfully held at Hartpury College for several years and have seen hundreds of archers from schools across the county compete on a team and individual basis.  This is a fantastic way to engage pupils in sport throughout the year.

Primary School Games Final 2017 - Hartpury College
Primary School Games Final 2017 – Hartpury College

What we do

Working in partnership with Xperience archery we run lunch time, in curriculum time and after-school clubs in Primary, Secondary, College, Recreation Centres and Special Needs Schools. Providing help with the coaching, equipment and the general supervision as required. In parallel the club supports the development of coaches and encourages pathway links with other local clubs. Organising inter-school competitions and the Gloucestershire school Games which are open to all pupils that are competent archers, is also a key focus for the us.  In addition, we support activity days, house matches, GCSE, D of E etc. and are seeking to involve pupils that enjoy shooting, officiating or generally volunteering to support the sport. Club members also train School ‘Sports Leaders’ to deliver ‘Arrows’ (archery for 5-7 year olds) in the Primary schools.

HSG (Denmark Road) were the deserved winners!
HSG (Denmark Road)

Our sport is very inclusive and are more than happy to work with a range of physical disabilities and SEN pupils. Our sport brings the best out of those tagged as ‘non sporty’ and we have had some amazing results from that population. Some going on to become British Champions!

 For the first time in 2019 Sapperton Primary School Winners were invited to Archery GB HQ, got to shoot and visited the Performance Unit hosted by Naomi Folkard!

Shown around the Performance Unit.
Shown around the Performance Unit.