How We Operate

The Club has established some policies and procedures that set out how we should operate.

The framework for many of them are provided by our Governing Body, Archery GB and much of the work was done in the process of us achieving ClubMark and the Ontarget Specialisms. 

This however is an ongoing activity, keeping up with the external changes in thinking and the internal development of the club!


We have included a range of topics in our set of brochures which have the following aims:

*Promote the club and its wide range of activities.

*Provide a data base of information to facilitate drafting of grant applications, award nominations. Also essential when applying for ClubMark Re-Accreditation.

*Provide potential funders and those considering nominations for awards with easily accessible information.

*Help us to market the club to potential club sponsors.

*Provide information to help other clubs in their development &/or giving individuals from other clubs the motivation and information to encourage their own clubs to improve the services to their members!

*Provide information to individuals considering taking up the sport &/or joining Deer Park Archers.

Please note that these brochures will always be work in progress.  As you will see, we are a long way from perfect but we are doing our best, we hope you find them useful!

Brochures available – Click to view


Index Getting to know all about us.

Facilities Brochure

Child Protection



Encouraging Competition

Field Course


Grants and support


Team Building


School Games

The boring but essential stuff Brochure

Who are We

Xperience Archery

Young People

Governance and Management of the club are two very different things.

Both are crucial areas. Without both areas being in place we would not be effective and certainly would never have developed into the special club we are!

Governance’ refers to the process of running our club, making decisions and ensuring that it is properly accountable.

It will cover such policy areas as;

Membership Policy – membership criteria and forms, including additional provisions for junior members.

Equal Opportunities Policy – establishing an equality statement and its implementation through an equal opportunities policy.

Codes of Conduct for fair play – ensuring members are familiar with minimum expected standards of participation and play.

Child Protection – procedures to ensure young people and vulnerable adults can participate without risk of abuse.

Health & Safety – covers a range of issues including duty of care, risk assessments, insurance first aid, emergency procedures etc.

Ethics in Sport – covers all aspects of fair play and equitable conduct in the management and running of the club.


Management’ is concerned with organizing the day-to-day activities of the club.

It covers such areas as;

Financial Management – Ensuring sustainable success through managing, how we generate income and the costs of the club.

Resource Management – Setting goals that we have the resources to achieve, defining policies relating to how/when we develop/utilize internal and external resources.

Strategic Management – Being clear on where we want to get to and implementing the necessary steps to get there. Understanding the current environment and the direction the sport is heading.

Creating and Managing Partnerships – recognizing the power of partnerships which benefit all parties.

Event Management – Organising events to develop the club socially and technically to create the right ambiance to energise our organization, fuel ambition and stimulate improvement.