Basic Club Strategy

Basic Club Strategy

  • To be a Sport, Recreation and Social Club and not just a venue.


  • Make participation in our sport affordable by keeping the cost of beginners courses and membership fees as low as possible and accessible by offering regular group courses and 1-2-1 courses to match the availability of the participants. To sub-contact beginners courses, specialist skill development, specialist management services  where the club’s inhouse capacity cannot meet the need.


  •  Encourage members to practice as often as possible by adopting a ‘Target Fee’ system which encourages multiple attendances in any given week and to ensure that process offers great value for money and that it does not exclude any member or potential member due to its cost. (£4 per week maximum for multiple visits including the 5 indoor venues, considerably cheaper options also available).


  • What do you get for that fee, you can shoot as many times as you like during that week, this includes the winter, where you can shoot in 4 different superb  indoor sessions/venues during that week, always have access to coaching and specialist equipment, incredible value for such high quality and diverse support!). Indoor session lengths vary from 1 – 5 hours.


  • Encourage family participation by offering family reductions on target fees. Also by engaging family members and friends in club activities and volunteering.


  • Encourage progression from the beginners courses into the club by providing ample coaching support and free hire of equipment.


  • Ensure the Social activity of the club is actively supported and run ‘free Social Activities’ where possible. At many practice sessions refreshments are provided for members and family.

  • Form strong partnerships with the community, government, Local Education Authorities, sports equipment suppliers, sports service providers, local media, Governing Body, Active Gloucestershire etc. providing mutual benefits to all parties.


  • Apply for relevant grants/funding and seek fair recognition for the clubs achievements.

  • Encourage volunteer development and participation by all members in community type activities.


  • Maintain a development process for all bow types and ages, conforming to all Archery GB Technique Practices with the objective of supporting pathways from recreation to performance, developing archers to the highest standards. To have a development process that also produces high quality coaches, officials & volunteers to manage the club.

  • To promote competition at all levels.

  • To be Inclusive and lead the way in club development and participation initiatives.


  • To offer the best experience in all aspects of club activities including target, field and clout.