There is a saying which goes something like ‘once an occurrence, twice a coincidence, three times a trend’ and this provides a good basis for evaluating any claims of good coaching, good performance, good support structures, good value for money, inclusive, membership retention etc.

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Well we constantly evaluate our performance in all these areas and the good news is that we have clear evidence of many trends, not a one off champion or a couple of national squad members or a couple of archers with a physical or learning disability, regular attendance at occasional practice sessions etc we have evidence of sustained performance and this is a result of considerable effort over a good few years and plans to continue to improve the support we provide to all members of the club!

Coaching Squad for this weekend, great work!
Coaching Squad for this weekend, great work!

All of this has been achieved purely with unpaid volunteers, engagement of the local community and innovative club management!

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As the first Ontarget Performance Club we strive to not just maintain the defined standards but surpass them by some distance. The level of support we provide to our archers can be measured in many ways, value added, participation, members competing in competition, achievement, number getting into GB programmes, success at county level, national records, number of JMB’s etc etc. It is certainly a combination of these that provide a measure of effectiveness, if we are ticking the boxes, going through the motions but there is no end product then something is not right!

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We can tick all the boxes and back the claims up with real evidence, 11 JMB’s, one of the highest level of participants in competition, best performing club by some distance in the British Junior Championships, numerous National, European and even World Records, lots of representatives for GB etc

Ella Gibson Senior World Record Holder!
Ella Gibson Senior World Record Holder!

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So in summary we are proud of what we do in regard to the Archery GB Ontarget Performance Specialism so if archers want to develop to their full potential then join Deer Park Archers!

Three massive elements essential to supporting individuals to achieve their full potential also need highlighting :

Coaching Support readily available for all members. We have a superb group of 30+ coaches that are always willing to volunteer their help and support!

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The creation of a safe, supportive, fun learning environment.


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Encouraging and offering Competition, we do recognise and respect that competition is not for everyone (currently true for at least 50% of our membership) however we need to encourage and support it and indeed offer lots of opportunities from Progress Awards, Club Target Days and formal tournaments.

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Encouraging Competition Brochure 2019

The Club has been working with Xperience Archery for many years and we are very grateful for all the work that Steph & Dan do on an entirely voluntary basis for the Club & its members.

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As Archery GB Compound Squad Performance Coaches they run, on the Clubs behalf, Beginners Courses, Skills & Drills Workshops, much of the work involved in running our Development Programmes and provide many hours of group and individual coaching, supporting all of the Club’s Coaches to deliver a programme aimed at supporting all members to achieve their full potential.

This is very much a partnership and the Club has many volunteers both coaches and shooting/non shooting members that help at community events, after-school clubs promoting our club and our sport, likewise Xperience Archery regularly help the club on a purely voluntary basis with expertise, transport, equipment. Through the work they do as individuals, both for the Club and Gloucestershire Archery Society they have established numerous great contacts that help at different stages of the development pathway.

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