Sport and Recreation Alliance Award Video Nominations

Nomination for Sport and Recreation Alliance Annual Awards

Where we believe we meet the criteria for consideration we seek either Governing Body or Community Sports Partnership support. We then compile our application, seek their endorsement, often make a supporting short video and then submit. Shown below are a few of the videos we have submitted which seem to capture  some of our achievements during that particular year. Nice to keep a record.

A more recent example showing our DNA, how it developed today’s club, what we do now and illustrates our values, can be seen here!

Details of the organisation and awards can be seen via the following link

SportAndRecreationAlliance1Deer Park Archers Nomination for Overall winner Sport and Recreation Alliance 2015 Awards. Summarises many achievements during a challenging and land mark year for the club.



Youth Volunteering Nomination Sport and Recreation Alliance

YouthVoluteering Deer Park Archers Nomination for Youth Volunteering Sport and recreation Alliance Award. A strength of the club is getting everyone to volunteer and adding to our aim of developing the archer and the whole person!


Deer Park Archers Bambies Project

BambiesSubmission for the Sport and Recreation Alliance Award for Innovation. Our project that has developed the Arrows kit into a resource that allows 5-7 year olds to take up archery and progress into club and conventional equipment.


School Links Sport and Recreation Alliance Video Submission

SchoolLinksSportsAndRecSport and Recreation Alliance Nomination by Deer Park Archers for the work we do across schools in Gloucestershire in partnership with Active Gloucestershire and Xperience Archery.


Going Green! Nomination Sport and Recreation Alliance

GoGreenNomination for Sport and Recreation Alliance Green Award based on all the work we have been doing on the New land. Tree planting, landscaping, pathways, planting etc.


 There are many more examples, please search for further examples on YouTube.  FYI most have been prepared using iMovie.