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Miracle in Shurdington!

Posted on Dec 30th, 2020

It was 2 days before Christmas and the field course was set for the weekend's next Winter Field League event. That night saw prolonged torrential rain creating a tsunami of water and debris, in places more than a metre deeper than normal and more than 10m wide in other areas! Sweeping 8 of the 10 bridges downstream, some as large as 3 railway sleepers fastened together and secured on pillars with 500mm stakes, washing away stepping stones and several bosses, not to mention areas of pathways,…

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We are back shooting!

Posted on Dec 8th, 2020

Thanks to our ability to quickly adapt to the COVID challenges we have returned to shooting using our newly installed all weather surfaces and low level floodlights! 2 of our indoor venues are also up and running. Our field course has been significantly improved and is open for practice and we even hosted our 1st National Winter League Field event on the first Saturday back after the Lockdown. A great facility providing lots of extra shooting capacity. Crowdfunding Project We…

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Our sport is alive and kicking!

Posted on Sep 30th, 2020

Any thought of a quiet time due to the impact of the Covid Virus has been so far away from the reality, once again our volunteer workforce is being tested and again is more than measuring up to the challenges!  Taking time to share some of what is happening is worth the effort to show that our sport is very much alive and kicking, so here is a summary of what is happening at Deer Park Archers! Last week we held a 3D Field Selection Shoot which supported over 50 archers to safely…

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Posted on Jul 29th, 2020

It seems timely with the launch of our new website (thanks to all those involved) and despite all the challenges our sport is facing, to focus on positive news! The new website is symbolic of the changing world we will need to operate within, so it is dramatically different to our previous site! Our men-in-sheds group has restarted!    They now meet regularly every Friday morning. Finishing touches to the Social Terracing Some things do not change, 3 weeks ago we programmed a…

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Back to the ‘new’ normal!

Posted on Jul 3rd, 2020

Attendance levels have recovered, enthusiasm to shoot is probably even higher than before, volunteering going well and masses of positive feedback about the processes that are in place! Despite ongoing changes to distancing rules and other areas where rules are being eased, as a club we are not going to change the existing arrangements, any apparent or perceived increased risks and a high number of ‘shielding’ members returning to shooting are important considerations. The vast…

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