Fundraising Activities

Starting Point

We have structured our day to day operations with the following in mind:

  • We are a not for profit Company

  • We seek to remain financially inclusive so will maintain membership fees and shooting costs to an absolute minimum.

  • We seek to keep running costs to an absolute minimum by creating partnerships to reduce venue costs, seek sponsorship, develop in-house skills to deliver training and maintain equipment.

  • Operate a ‘cash look forward’ system to manage costs.

  • Ensure all resources are provided by unpaid volunteers.

  • Our practices ensure we remain sustainable and affordable.

  • We recognise that campaigns of this type put pressure on our members so we will seek to source a significant percentage of our fundraising monies by making them attractive to non members. We do not want to continually go back to the same members.  Furthermore we will limit the number of campaigns so we do not rely on them for sustainability and reduce the membership experience!

Day to day operation

We have a Fundraising Sub-Committee that leads on specific funding initiatives. There is a separate group that looks after grant applications.

When we have a need to fund-raise we will devise a plan and commit fully to it as the following example will demonstrate;

During 2015 raised £48K through our own hard work/fundraising activities. This has been a standard we set from the outset, we do our best to raise funds to support validated projects as well as applying for external funding to support the more ambitious ones. This includes grants, sponsorship, in-kind support and using our own members skills.

All of this was achieved without any compromise on our community work and indeed successfully completing 2 projects aimed at increasing participation in our sport of those with disabilities (one funded by the Lottery Awards for All Programme and the other by Archery GB). At the same time supporting and organising the best School Games programme in the UK and continuing to grow and support our membership.

This was our template for raising the funds to buy our own ground, it was very successful and illustrates the range of activities we employed!

Fund Raising Catalogue 7 December 2013


2020 Plan to support our efforts to fund an all weather surface from buildings to shooting line and to purchase some land to ensure that the field course remains sustainable and a challenging but enjoyable experience.

Fundraising & Social Activities to be increased! Plan being agreed (Dec 2019)

We are also increasing our club target days and the number of record status tournaments.