2013 Gloucestershire Sports Awards – Finalists announced!

We are pleased to announce that we have finalists in 3 categories of this year’s prestigious awards which will take place on the 21st November at Hatherley Manor Hotel!

Our all conquering junior team is a contender for the ‘Gloucestershire Young team of the Year’ and with so many individual and team achievements it is well deserved recognition. Their achievements have not just been about great performances at local, regional, national and international level but very much about how as individuals they help themselves, other juniors within the club and the work they do in the community. Many have trained as coaches and most are quick to offer support to the club’s numerous community activities. We would like to get 10 of our juniors to attend the evening, if the last few years are anything to go by then it will be spectacular, however the £45 per head may influence our intention!

Some of our junior team and supporters, 9 others were shooting for the County on the same day!

Some of our junior team and supporters, 9 others were shooting for the County on the same day!

Dan Gill has been short listed for the ‘Coach of the Year’ award and it is worthy recognition for all the work he does with archers from beginners to performance. Again Dan operates on so many levels, in so many different environments and commits to such long hours to get things done. Daily sessions in schools and club sessions with groups and individuals, supports the County Junior Squad Programmes, runs workshops for the County Coaching Programme and numerous Club programmes, outstanding on equipment maintenance and bow tuning, string making etc and delivers ‘Arrows’ training to mention just a few activities! The bottom line is that the individuals he works with perform and maintain the balance of also giving something back to the sport, just like Dan!

Dan, finalist in the Coach of the Year!

Dan, finalist in the Coach of the Year!


For the record Roger Crang has made the final of the ‘Outstanding Services to Sport in Gloucestershire’ category but as the author of this news bulletin I do not wish to add anything to that statement other than I truly find the club and its members inspirational and continue to enjoy everything I do as part of a great management and coaching team!


Tom in China (World Youth Games)

 Tom did us proud finishing 70th out of 114 in his category in his biggest competition so far; he also acquitted himself well in the H2H round.

Tom representing GB & Deer Park Archers in China.

Tom representing GB & Deer Park Archers in China.


Further information can be seen at:


This is a real achievement, especially as he was very unwell in the week prior to travelling and lost valuable training time.


Providing top class support for our coaches and archers!

The first of a series of Sports Psychology Workshops for our elite juniors ran last Tuesday, excellent feedback and we are sure that this series of sessions together with those for parents, adults and other target groups will prove to be a great investment.

Wednesday saw the first of the Fundamentals of Movement workshops customized specifically for archery, ideal for supporting our work with the under 12’s and particularly the Club Bambies so was attended by some club coaches and some of our volunteers who will be running the Bambi Club. This programme is also going to be delivered to the 2 Level 1 Coaching Course candidates starting next month, as it is also very useful information to support the development of our Inclusion Clubs.

The clarity of what we are seeking to achieve has been helped by the structure of the framework provided by the ‘Ontarget’ Performance Specialism and the vision of the Archery GB Performance Unit on developing effective pathways, which continue to drive us to support all our archers reaching their full potential!

Saturday afternoon Inclusion Club meets for the first time this weekend at Balcarras from 2pm to 4pm.