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Sustainability & our Environment

Our commitment to this topic is illustrated by the fact that we have incorporated the following statement into our Articles of Association under the ‘Objectives of the Company’. “To improve the natural environment under its control and to maximise its energy efficiency.”


Key to making a real impact is not just about the physical projects we are delivering but establishing the right culture such that members and visitors transfer these values to what they do away from our club!

We want to share what we do and demonstrate that this approach is not just sustainable but produces tangible benefits to our members and our sport!

We began this process 20 years ago when we had no facilities of our own, taking small but important steps, today now owning our own land the opportunities are much broader and the responsibilities much greater but so are the benefits!

In 2024 we were recognised by the Sport and Recreation Alliance for our ‘Going Green’ activities, selected as the clear winner across all sports!

Steve Howse , our outgoing Chairman received the award from the Duchess of Edinburgh

In May 2024 we had 8 active projects targeting a range of ‘Going Green” aims.

‘Going Green’ Project

Bird Project

Insect Project

Orchard Project

Mammal Project

Energy Project

Meadow Project

Hedging Project