Amazing Performance with a difference!

Deer Park Short-Mat Bowls

Our Short Mat Bowls Team exceed all expectations when competing in their first tournament with 41 other clubs. 

The Macmillan Cancer Support Tournament at Leominster saw our team of Julian, Brian, Peter and Roger finishing 4th and with an unbeaten record on the day. The round robin format saw a number of teams finish with perfect records, so margins of victory determined the final placing. 

Undefeated in first tournament!

Our club meets on Thursday and some Sunday evenings in the Clubhouse.

170 competitors, long day, great fun|!

Gloucestershire County Junior Championships

We hosted the event at Balcarras, well done to everyone that competed. Being honest the number of entries across the county was a little disappointing, the label of ‘County Championships’ seems to frighten some, in reality it is just another competition where all abilities are welcome!  

Some of our morning session members

Anyway there were some outstanding performance from club members including Sam Bowden, Eva Jeffries and Lilly Partridge returning having struggled with target panic. 

14 out of 20 titles came to Deer Park including the team trophy, however many of the titles were uncontested. 

Afternoon competitors

Beginners Courses

Thank you to all our coaches that helped on the beginners course which completed this week. Planned future courses are almost fully booked as well!

Meet our Athletes website pages being updated.

Over the next week the achievements and stories behind our archers that have had success at British Championship level will be updated.

Green News

The Alder saplings we ordered have arrived, just awaiting delivery of the stakes and guards before we plant them.

Thank you to Elliott’s for giving us another batch of used ’ton’ bags to allow us to recycle old layered target foam into field course safety barriers. 

This cold clear weather snap has allowed us to successfully trial switching on heaters in the afternoon, taking full advantage of free solar power to save heating our clubhouse during the evening practice sessions. Not only has our well insulated building stored that heat, reduced the cost but also provided much more comfortable conditions to shoot!

Good Luck to all our archers shooting in the British Indoor Championships this Weekend!

Enjoy the experience! Lets’ hope our archers on the waiting list get a chance to shoot. The current format of first come, is not the path to adding quality to the event!