‘Arrows’ kit Play Area

We have applied for a grant to provide an engaging supervised play area for under 9’s to use safe adapted archery equipment and enjoy play, allowing parents to also shoot and get some ‘me’ time!

We have recently been informed that our application meets the criteria for grant consideration.


Parent and child trials

Parent and child trials

Why Needed – Our work in over 120 primary schools across Gloucestershire confirms this group is very interested in archery.

There are however few opportunities for this age group to participate with clubs.

At the same time National statics prove that particularly females who are engaged in archery drop out due to childcare commitments.

Parents me time

This project aims to offer solutions and provide support for the children and opportunity for the parents to continue or begin shooting.

We have successfully trialled the approach at local recreation centres and open community have-a-go sessions we run.

The grant would be spent on fencing off an area of our land, landscaping it (small hills, steps, bridges etc), reseeding the area, putting in some picnic table, purchasing more adapted kit and associated resources and training some additional voluntary staff to meet Archery GB standards.

junior coaching assistants

For our older juniors (15+) this is an ideal way to develop their coaching skills prior to doing coach training. Whilst this type of activity is overseen by adult coaches it is one that the Junior Management Committee organise and deliver as a team.

Others, less interested in the coaching will be needed to help with the related activities (similar to rainbow/beaver activities), fun crafts, mini activities are used to break up the shooting activity and retain engagement.

This project/facility is seen as an important activity to the club’s future as all our experience to date, highlights that children in this age group have parents/carers who are far more likely to become volunteers for the club.



Three of our members competed in the British Civil Service Archery Championships. Andy and Tony representing the MOD and Nicola – Local Government, and did they do well!

Andy Cramb came away with 4 golds, including gents recurve champion and one silver (the silver was a team one) and Nichola Cramb was lady recurve winner and part of 2 team awards!  Anthony Booth won recurve bronze and 2 team awards as well.

Andy and Nicola part of a Winning Team in Round 1 of the Ontarget Competition. a few years ago

Andy and Nicola part of a Winning Team in Round 1 of the Ontarget Competition. a few years ago

Anthony who is going for a place in the Invictus/Warrior Games recently competed in the US Air-Force trials in February which was an amazing experience!

Ontarget Inter-Club Competition

We have a home tie against Tockington Archers, the match will take place sometime in April. Team Manager this year will be Steph, teams will comprise of 2 recurve and 2 compounds. Steph is also trying to arrange a shadow fixture for longbows and barebows.

As host club we will also need to provide the after-match refreshments.

Winners of the inaugural Ontarget Competition. With today's rules none of those archers would be eligible as they all shot for GB.

Winners of the inaugural Ontarget Competition. With today’s rules none of those archers would be eligible as they all shot for GB.

More than just an archery club!

 In more ways than one, looking after our surrounds (remembering our site was an inert material landfill site 27 years ago), we have been investing a lot of resource into getting rid of invasive species, improving access, drainage, making trees safe, planting native species hedging and trees (also for our neighbours). You cannot help notice how much wildlife we have on the site and we want to support that, so the second of our mini brochures covering what can be seen on the site has just been completed. Supporting resources will be available in our temporary clubhouse.

Wildlife Brochure

Wildlife Brochure 2