Assistance on the Field Course needed

The work required to make the trees on the field course safe has now been completed and mother nature has been busy growing plant life during our absence on the course. To that end, we are in need of some budding volunteers to assist with some groundwork and clearance activities to make the course and targets accessible for use again. This isn’t likely to be a one off activity due to the level of growth there has been and some of the changes we are hoping to make to the course, so we’ll be looking to spread the support effort over the coming weeks / months.

Starting this Saturday (24th June), Activities will included:

  • Cutting and removal of overgrowth
  • Spreading of bark chippings across designated areas of the course
  • Clearance access to existing or new shots
  • Moving or adjustment of existing targets and shot positions

There are brambles and stinging nettles so gardening groves, trouser and good footwear are recommended. The club has some gardening equipment, but feel free to bring anything you think might be useful for clearing and cutting overgrowth.

John Dalton will be coordinating the effort, with the first clearance session this Saturday morning from 9:00 – 12:00. Please let John know or email your to confirm you can help.  All help welcomed and appreciated for some or all of the allotted time.