Back to the ‘new’ normal!

Attendance levels have recovered, enthusiasm to shoot is probably even higher than before, volunteering going well and masses of positive feedback about the processes that are in place!

Despite ongoing changes to distancing rules and other areas where rules are being eased, as a club we are not going to change the existing arrangements, any apparent or perceived increased risks and a high number of ‘shielding’ members returning to shooting are important considerations.

The vast majority of members already back shooting have also requested that we keep the current arrangements. Encouraged by our County we are doing our best to open our facilities to other clubs that have not been able to reopen, members from 4 other clubs are attending our general practice sessions and Black & Gold have been using the ground on Monday evenings.

In addition to these arrangements we are continuing with our shielding programmes where both our members and an external non-archery related organisation can exclusively book the whole ground to shoot or just enjoy the surrounds!


County Postal Shoot (30m or 50m or 70m) 6 dozen arrows. Many of our members are giving a purpose to practice sessions, recording scores for this County lead competition which has extended the closing date by a week.

Our Club 252 Programme is also now in full swing!

Practice sessions with purpose, postal shoots, 252’s etc

FIELD COURSE – Summer League

Great news, we have been given the go-ahead to run our summer mini field league. Dates to be announced. The course design will provide an ideal opportunity for all those wishing to try field for the first time but also challenging enough for the more experienced. 12 targets will remain in place for all of the six rounds.

In between the nominated competition dates the course will be available for general practice. This event and associated practice sessions are open to any Archery GB member.

Launch of Deer Park 2020 Nature Calendar Competition

A number of excellent wildlife photos taken at Deer Park have sparked the idea of running a club competition to find the best 12 photos of fauna and flora at Deer Park.

An independent panel will meet to review entries and pick the best 12 photos to be included in next year’s calendar.

Deadline for entries will be the 5th of November 2020. Competition is open to all members and their families.

Over the past few weeks many of the trees we have grown ourselves, have been planted out around the site protected by significant guards.

Adapting to future challenges!

If our sport is to continue to prosper, as a club we believe we need to adapt our outdoor facilities to support year around use, a more diverse range of activities, increase capacity and capitalize on the wonderful environment we are privileged to have.

So we are investing in achieving just that, despite taking a very heavy financial hit with the cancellation of so many tournaments. This approach will not only ensure our members have somewhere to shoot year round but also welcome other clubs to share with us.

We are applying for grant help, we have been saving and raising funds through a combination of great financial management and delivering profitable events. We have secured some commercial support and our volunteer workforce will again play a major role.

This project is a big challenge but it is one that has to be achieved if we are to continue to support our community and grow our sport!