Bird Project

Birds are important members of many ecosystems. In a woodland ecosystem for example, some birds get their food mainly from plants. Others chiefly eat small animals, such as insects or earthworms. Birds and bird eggs, in turn, serve as food for such animals. Birds play a vital role in keeping this balance of nature. Birds play key roles within ecosystems.

  1. Birds eat insects. They are a natural way to control pests. 
  2. Many fruit-eating birds help disperse seeds. After eating fruit, they carry the seeds & deposit them in new places.
  3. Birds are often indicators of environmental health, so protecting them can help us monitor and address environmental changes.
  4. Furthermore, many people enjoy birdwatching and find solace in observing and appreciating these creatures. 

Our Native Hedge Project is one of the best features to benefit a wide range of wildlife, especially birds, providing food, habitat and shelter. Our Meadow Flower and Insect Projects also compliment our Bird Project. 

Clearing our stream and developing our pond provides water year round.

We have provided a wide range of bird boxes, from Tawny Owl, Tits, Robins, Wrens and Swifts.

Our woodland management has created lots of piles of logs, twigs and leaves where birds will be able to flick though during winter, looking for hibernating invertebrates.

We leave lots of windfall fruit and berries for ground-feeding winter visitors such as redwings and fieldfares.

Fantastic Spring with virtually all our nest boxes in use!