Challenging times are driving change and success is still the outcome!

The time is right to take the time to summarise the progress we have made so far in 2021.

Our membership continues to grow, well past the 200 level. We have just completed 2 more beginners courses and 2 more programmes started last week with the August programme already fully booked! It seems that our sport is even more popular than it was pre-COVID.

Floodlit Shooting introduced and used for beginners courses.

Our tournament programmes, both in-house and open, are going to happen, including the Junior Masters Weekend, the Senior and Junior County Championships and the UC CSAA National Championships.

Club ‘Whatever the Weather’ Winter Tournament Programme with cash prizes, proved to be a great success!

Our “Whatever the Weather” winter season of qualification, elimination, round-robin H2Hs and team 720 rounds successfully completed and the cash prizes awarded.

Despite a number of postponements all 3 divisions of our winter field league were completed. The summer field league started earlier this month, as did our programme of club target days.

We continue to develop our field course and ensuring work is environmentally sensitive.

We have just recommenced our After-School Satellite Club and are about to run Arrows sessions in a local Primary School.

Our short mat bowls club is also about to recommence.

Deer Park Archers Short Mat Bowls Club about to restart.

Members have elected to retain the current COVID lane booking system for the foreseeable future. We have appointed 2 COVID Officers linking those responsibilities into the safeguarding activities. This frees up the H&S Committee to drive our increased emphasis on establishing a greater ownership by every member of their personal H&S responsibilities.

Members keen to retain the lane booking system for the foreseeable future.

Our Men-in-Sheds team has led the way with a complete boss refurbishment/replacement programme, field course development and maintenance and the development of our recently purchased new land.

Our successful Crowdfunding Project raised almost £21K has allowed us not only to purchase the additional land to consolidate our field course but to do much more to develop our environment and in recognition of the support we have received from the Worshipful Company of Fletchers over many years, we have named our field course area ‘Fletchers Wood’.

We are also working to provide some access to the course for those with limited mobility.

We also used one of our more recent grants to purchase the new bosses and in-line with our strengthened policy focusing on sustainability, we have recycled virtually all of the materials from the old bosses! With this policy in mind we have planted a further 100+ trees, removed over 80 tyres from our field course, rotavated a long strip of grass land and seeded a meadow mix, which is now in full bloom and stunning! All unused areas of our land are being used to enhance our environment and this is being achieved by our volunteer workforce.

We have seeded a large area with a flowering meadow mix and planting a wide range of native trees and hedging.

We have recently purchased a defibrillator for local community use and are running a Club funded first aid course for both our own and community members.

Now registered on the National Database.

We have taken the opportunity to increase the amount of free loan equipment we can support new members with and this ensures we are inclusive and COVID compliant.

The catalyst for our continued success is the combination of a fantastic Management Team and our Volunteer Programme, both have continued to grow in strength throughout this difficult period.

Our volunteers support us in great numbers to ensure the entire experience we offer is as good as it can be!

Lastly our archers of all abilities are benefiting from the support our coaches provide, our ever improving facilities, innovative programmes and fun events we organise. We are really excited to see a new group of members, both young and old, starting to shoot very well. Even more exciting times ahead!