Club Shoot National Round(s) – 22nd May 2016

ImperialTargetOn the Sunday 22nd May we are holding a club shoot.  Many of you took part in these events with great success last year and we think you’ll agree that this is a great way to learn how archery tournaments are run in a relaxed, friendly and familiar environment.

On this occasion we will be shooting a National Round which consists of 4 dozen arrows at a longer distance and 2 dozen at a shorter distance. Several distance options are available, so something to suit everyone:

Long National (80 yds, 60 yds)
National (60 yds, 50 yds)
Short National (50 yds, 40 yds)
Junior National (40 yds, 30 yds)
Short Junior National (30 yds, 20 yds)
Very Short Junior National (20 yds, 10 yds)

All the rounds above are open to all archers (adult and child), so if you are new to archery select the round that you feel is within your current abilities.

Price per archer: £3

Book your place now at

Note: Shooting will start promptly at 10:00, so please ensure you arrive time to setup your kit and warmup ahead of this.   We are likely to finish around 12:30.