Archery Tournaments are held across the UK throughout the year. There are a range of disciplines that archers can participate in including target, field and clout.  

The term “Rounds” refers to the type of tournament and the scope being held.  The round determines a number of factors including the distance(s) & number of arrows being shot.

Typically archery competitions are split into metric and imperial rounds. Metric rounds are measured in metres and usually have 10 zone scoring (X-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-M). Imperial rounds are measuring in yards and often have 5 zone scoring (9-7-5-3-1-M).

We host events at a wide range of levels including World Record Status (WRS), UK Record Status (URKS) and Club Target Days (County Records). Any member can enter any event and we encourage all of our members to take part, ask a coach about what round would be suitable if you aren’t sure.


These are a summary of most common target rounds that we host competitions in at Deer Park.

Outdoor Target Rounds:


  • 3 dozen arrows (shot in 6 ends of 6) at each of 4 distances


  • 4 dozen arrows (shot in 8 ends of 6 arrows) at one distance followed by 2 dozen arrows (shot in 4 ends of six arrows) at a shorter distance.

Note: For Outdoor competitions, the distances and face size vary depending on what category you enter. Please click here for exact details.

Indoor Target Rounds:


  • 5 dozen arrows (shot in 20 ends of 3) at a distance of 20 yards at a 60cm face (or 3 spot face)

Double Bray

  • 5 dozen arrows (shot in 20 ends of 3) at a distance of 20 yards at a 40cm face (or 3 spot face)


  • 5 dozen arrows (shot in 20 ends of 3) at a distance of 18 metres at a 40cm face (or 3 spot face)

Field Rounds

Field Mini League

  • 6 x 3D targets & 6 x WA targets.


  • 24 unmarked distance targets per day for 2 days.

WA Field

  • 24 targets of 4 different sizes. Unmarked distances on Day 1 & marked distances on Day 2. 


If you are looking to enter your first tournament a good starting point is Archery GB Guide to Scoring and Tournaments which will explain what to expect when competing and most importantly how to score correctly.

Want to enter a tournament?  Find your first or next tournament here or via the ArcheryGB website

Not sure what to enter? Speak to a coach for some advice.