County Field Championship – Help needed

On June 9th the club is hosting the Gloucestershire County Field Championships. This is the first county championship that has been held for many years and we are eager to make it a success.

Ahead of the event there are several activities we need assistance with and are shouting out to anyone that has some spare time over the next few weeks to help ensure we are ready to hold a great event.  Activities include but are not limited to, ground work to create new shots, step maintenance, repacking of bosses, gluing of target faces to cardboard, preparing pegs.

On the day we will need a small field crew to assist with the setup of the course before and during the morning and afternoon sessions.

Please offer your services if you are able to.  Liz Dalton is the event organiser and is the first point of contact,  please email her on to offer assistance.  Liz and John are planning to work on the course on Monday evenings over the next few weeks, starting at 18:00 on the 23rd April.

If you are planning to enter the event you can enter via the online booking system (