Deer Park Archers Annual Inclusion Shoot – Another Success but we need more clubs to follow!

We are pleased to say we again increased participation in our annual tournament supported by the Worshipful Company of Fletchers. 

We were also proud that we had a great number of entries from this year’s GB Invictus Team and members of the WIZards. 

The positive feedback was fantastic and the raffle raising £250 for Help the Heroes was “the icing on the cake”! 

We would encourage many more clubs structure their tournaments to be more inclusive, the fact is that there are just not enough events of this type. 

Leasure @ provided a superb venue.

Las Vegas – World Series – 2020 Finals

Congratulations to Ella and Kieran on their performances! 7 other members flew out to enjoy the competition and provide support, needless to say we had a fantastic time.

A number of superb areas to shoot and watch.

Already saving for next year. We all got to shoot, not in the World Series but in the Hunger Games Experience. 

A great opportunity to socialise.
John and Roger arriving at the shoot. Unfortunate Taxi they selected!
John upset one of the locals.

Club Vegas Shoot

On the same weekend we also organised a trial Club Vegas Shoot, open to visitors and very well attended. We will be organising a more formal event next year!

Deer Park Archers – Club Team Championship

To celebrate the end of the indoor season and encourage everyone to compete and have fun, we are running our second club championships at the end of March, an exciting competition format (as described in an earlier issue of the Archery GB Magazine) designed to give everyone a chance to be competitive and have a great time! 

All bow types, ages and ability are able to compete due to our handicapping system. The draw will be live streamed on a Saturday evening in March.

2019 Team event.

Short Mat Bowls section

Had our biggest attendance so far in January on a club evening and later that month members of the bowls section travelled to Longhope in the Forest to play a friendly match. In just 3 months the section has evolved from an occasional gathering using loaned equipment to a regular group who have become sufficiently involved to buy their own equipment! 

Another Robin Hood!

Great Robin Hood for Carly.

Carly shot a Robin Hood hitting her first arrow which was a 10. Well done! This was at one of our Improvers Coaching Sessions, what will she be in 4 weeks time?