EDF Energy give us their support

A big thank you to EDF Energy!

Inspired by their company sponsorship of the 2012 Olympic Games and keeping the spirit of the games alive, EDF Energy set up a 2012 Legacy Fund to help create a real impact in the communities connected with their sites.

Through its legacy fund it has awarded a series of grants to support organisations using sport to create change, promote active living or encourage more people to get involved in physical activity. Some of the awards will promote disability sport to further strengthen EDF energy’s ambition to widen access to sporting activities.From this legacy fund, we are pleased to announce that we have received a donation of £3750 to help support the development and purchase of our new ground.Deer Park Archers would like to thank the members of the 2012 Legacy committee for their support. To recognise the support that businesses are providing we have added a new page to our website. 

Also a big thank you to Xperience Archery     

Last Monday Xperience Archery ran a Safari experience for managers from Spirax-Sarco their fee of £300 was donated to the Club towards the purchase of the new land!


Members thank you’s and reminders!

Car boot Sale

Thank you to the members who have already contributed items for the car boot sale taking place later this month, we have a good amount of items but we need to think even bigger, so take the time, look out unused items that will make money at the car boot sale and bring them along to practice! Speak to Mel, Jane, Vanessa or Mary.


Ebay Project

Again thank you to those members who have asked the Club to sell on their behalf, what are some fantastic items. Once the items are sold we are hoping that the proceeds will be donated to the club. This could prove to be a very good means of raising funds and the first donations from the proceeds of sales are flowing into our fund! The vision is that everyone in the club will be able to find at least one item for the club to sell on their behalf, so get looking! Speak to Kevin, Martin, Graham or Roger for advice.


Skills and drills workshop

A skills and drills workshop is running this Saturday for the seven juniors who are attending the Archery GB talent identification program.


Hamish achieves club’s first Barebow Junior Master Bowman (JMB) Award           

Well done to Hamish Ponton for achieving this award so quickly in the season, Roger presented it to him at Thursday evening practice.

Hamish receiving his JMB badge.


 Following articles in the Archery GB Magazine about the importance of volunteers and that all club secretaries can access the members portal, guess what it turned out not to be true.  Current archery GB policy turns out to be that they only recognise ‘shooting members’.  This is a completely unacceptable position and following our complaint they are reviewing the situation, they fully recognise that larger clubs (which they are encouraging) cannot function without a sizeable portion of volunteers. Over the past 2 weeks we have monitored the percentage of non shooting members at practice sessions and the average is 17%, this includes field captains and numerous committee members. Watch this space.

A UK First!

A photo call at the Tuesday practice session  captured the first showing of all 3 of our Ontarget Specialism Feathers. This is real recognition of every members efforts to not just achieve the criteria set but to exceed them for our work in the community, with young people and in supporting pathways from recreational to performance!

An Historic Moment!

A BBQ is being planned on the new land!

We are planning to hold a BBQ on the site of the new ground  in the next couple of weeks, inviting all members to come along and see what we are

busy raising funds for!   Thank you to the current owner Mr Robert Vines for allowing us to do so.