EGM Passes Resolutions!

We are pleased to confirm that the following resolutions were passed at the Club EGM which took place at Old Pats on the 17th July.


  1. 1.     Approve the transfer with effect from 12th August 2014 (date to be confirmed subject to HMRC clearance) of the Business and Assets and Liabilities of the Club to Deer Park Archers Limited, a company limited by guarantee (the ‘Company’) for a payment of £100 from the Company.  The Company has been formed for the purpose of continuing the Business of the Club as described in the Chairman’s letter enclosed with this Notice.






  1. 2.     Authorise the Committee to take such steps in order to dissolve the Club after the transfer of the Business and Assets and Liabilities to the Company.


  1. 3.     Approve an addition to the Constitution of the Club authorising the Committee to remove any Member of the Club for the express purpose of executing the transfer of the Business and Assets and Liabilities of the Club to the Company and the dissolution of the Club in accordance with resolutions 1 and 2 which were explained in the Chairman’s letter circulated with the original notification of the EGM.


The voting for Resolutions 1 & 2 were 99 for, there were no against votes or abstentions. There were 98 votes for resolution 3, with 1 vote against and no abstentions.

Chairman Steve Howse reported that things were going well on the purchase of the land front and it is hoped that it will be completed in the second half of August. The process has taken a little longer than anticipated but ensuring all details including rights for provision of services to the ground has made the delay worthwhile. On formal completion we will then organize a BBQ/shoot to celebrate our achievement.

The Chairman also thanked the current land owner Mr Robert Vines for his support throughout the process.

All the committee, sub-committees and volunteers were thanked and Kate Lawton was presented with a bouquet of flowers in recognition of her fantastic support during this phase of the process!


Improvers Course Completes!

 It has been club practice to immediately follow our Beginners Courses with a 6 week Improvers Course to better equip new starts to integrate in with the club and the programme at GL1 completed this week. We look forward to seeing the new members at club practice sessions. A big thank you to all the coaches that have supported the Improvers Course and also for their help at the Open Community session that runs prior to the Improvers Programme. That programme will continue throughout the summer.


Winter Programme (Indoors)

 A detailed programme of practice sessions, workshops and internal/external competitions has been drafted and presented to the committee. This will be published on the website in the next couple of weeks. Purchase of new straw & foam bosses plus stands was approved. Only one area needs further work,  we are looking to identify a suitable  indoor venue in the Cirencester area where we can store equipment, ideas would be welcome!